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Monday, October 24, 2005

Goodie Bag

Being a kiasu Malaysian woman, I persuaded Mr MG to take me to Metrojaya at 10am on a Sunday morning to collect my goodie bag from the Malaysian Women's Weekly magazine. (Recently the magazine was having an anniversary celebration thingy and doing a promotion with Metrojaya so one can redeem a goodie bag by presenting a card that came with the mag.) Anyway, for an early Sunday morning, there sure was a reasonable amount of kiasu readers lining up and to my surprise half of them were men, probably boyfriends or husbands persuaded sweetly by the wife to queue up on their behalf. Some of them queued up again and again.

The goodie back was supposed to be worth RM200 but chey(!), apart from an Estee Lauder mascara and a full sized shower cream, the rest were mainly worthless vouchers (to me that is), sample sized facial washes, and 4 packet drinks. Thats supposed to be RM200 altogether in there???? Oh well, since its a freebie one shouldn't expect too much now should they. Still, they could have done better ie get better gifts from the sponsors. Afterall, in a marketing promotion like this one, everyone benefits, the magazine, the sponsors, the kiasu readers. Yah or not?

Really kiasu hor? Got freebie summore complain. Hahahaha.

Theres no such thing as a free lunch but if you look really hard, sometimes you get good bargains or freebies because its worth the while for the other party to give it out. I do like freebies but not free food because of the way Malaysians behave when they see free food!


  1. next time if there is something like this on the newspaper... tell me where and I will cut it out so my wife don't see it :P

  2. I actually hate this kind of "freebie" -- the discount vouchers.
    especailly I received during my birthday from the departmented store, if you have the J-card you know what I mean.
    You can't say that they not care about you, they remember your birthday with the help of the computer data system, so I feel "woo wah... they remember me leh", then open the it and see, "10 % discount on RM100 spend in XXX shop", "RM200 discount on gems item worht RM2000 above.", "Free one ticket when buy two movie ticket...(what? expect me to bring m SIL while me and hubby go pak-tor watch movie on my brithday night meh?)"
    And Slimming center discount vouchers.
    Like you said "no free lunch", and I certainly hate this kind of "free lunch" after spend on a fine dining.

  3. yeah maybe they added the vouchers together to make it $200? sheesh, what a rip off...well its free but still!

  4. i rarely go for things like that..coz' firstly too crowded lah.. and then secondly... i know i will be disappointed.. so i try not to be kiasu lor.. :)

  5. hey MG, put on the mascara then take photo and show us? heheheh...

  6. hehe for me i will check the 'content' first before i go *lagi kiasu, good one i will go but, i won't try my luck if they don't list it out. :P

  7. one of the plus point of staying in kay-el...no goodies for me here :D

  8. egghead, thats sweet. I will if I come across any.

    maria, yah every year I receive the same old vouchers from my credit card on my birthday. (*sigh*)

    ely, they sure did! (added the vouchers together, I mean)

    mama bok, lucky it wasn't too crowded and it was very fast. hehe.

    dg, only mascara and nothing else???!! :PpP

    shiaulin, they didn't list the contents....

    miche, it was in Penang too.

  9. I heard they turn Super Tanjung to Metro here in Penang, of coz I still like the Metro env in KL, it just not the same.

    As for freebies, if it good value freebies, it will have a terrible long queue. If the queue is not long, usually it is worthless stuff.

    Egghead, doesn't your wife ask you why the newspaper have so many holes.

  10. freebies also very tempting to me, but my laziness lagi teruk so I seldom go jostle with the crowd :P

  11. MG, more more freebies for me don't mind... :) but No thanks to those crappy vouchers.

  12. sue, yah, especially if the crowd is kiasu. haha.

    allyfeel, nope to those crappy vouchers indeed.


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