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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I won! I won!

Hehe. No lah. I didn't win the lottery.

I merely won a RM50.00 shopping voucher from Metrojaya from some contest. Cheh!

When we went to collect the voucher, Mr MG's eyes grew big big when he saw other ppl collecting bigger prizes and commented "How come your prize so small one?"

"Now just you wait hor, dahling, I'll win a house or a car some day!" Kekekeke.

BTW, I've won a wedding gown voucher which I never used because I won it after my wedding. I've won a pearl neckless sitting somewhere in my dresser and I've won a RM1k ugly watch hiding somewhere in my drawer. Anyone knows of any pawnshop which will accept watches? Hehehe.

Whats your most memorable win? I know twinsmom won a trip to somewhere. (Care to share that story with us?) Come and share your winning stories with me and make my mouth water a bit lah..... Then I will be off to enter more contests. Maybe lydiateh can share some winning tips from her book? Hehehe.


  1. wow! so lucky!!! always win. i want to win also.

    i won a watch during a lucky draw in my ex company dinner. that was many many years ago.

    my father ( a typical chinapek) must buy ekor and lottery for each draw and hope to win. but one thing good abt him is that he never ever pray to win the money.

    but mumsgather, i wish you GOOD LUCK and that you may always win in any contest u join. :) *smile*

  2. My 2 articles - Ayam Percik and Satay Celup that was writtin in my blog before won an article contest in the My Malaysia Forum organized by ERJS.com. Each article won me RM200. So a total of RM400.

    The next one was Body Glove's. Ok, that wasn't won. But, in some sense, it does. Doesn't it?

    Next one was some paint competition. My dad painted the house and we were to rearrange the colours according to popularity and my parents won a trip to Australia Gold Coast for 5 days or 1 week, not so sure though. The colours was me and my sister's idea.

  3. egghead, thats probably becos you never submit any entries. hehe.

    poulette, my father's the same. he has this 555 booklet where he records all the winning numbers and "studies" the probability of certain numbers winning before he buys any. hehehe.

    jason, *drools* Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  4. hehe..I've not win anything of late..I've won before BSN Simpanan Voucher for RM150, I've also won a swatch before (some egg painting contest)...Hey what contest u won? Is it parkson baby contest?

  5. wha...so long never join contest liao, must join again, no join no gain hahaha...
    yah, the travel package cost about RM2000...so happy then...
    I know one person got a lot to share wan-- Michelle!

  6. MG, RM50 also prize what. Ok, I'll go dig up that article of contest tips I wrote sometime back and post it on my blog. Check it out there ok.

  7. jazzmint, was it you who painted the eggs? I won the midvalley merdeka, choose your own gift and drop in the box contest. I chose RM50 voucher thinking that one got more chance to win mah... hehe.

    maria, blog lah about your RM2000 free trip or you sudah tua forgotten already.

    lydia, am looking forward to it as will the rest of the contestants above, I'm sure. haha.

  8. I have won only once - a bottle of perfume. It was a contest for the best happy-moment photo and one of our honeymoon photo won. This was about 8 years ago and the perfume is still here. We did try for a car during the Star crossword puzzle but obviously not successful. Now too lazy to collect all the clues. And there are too many possible answers.

  9. *envious* MG, you very lucky!
    I don't think I ever won anything... wait lucky draw count or not huh?

  10. aisehhh... So envious.
    I have never won anything in my life. Not even a pack of meehoon or a bottle of mineral water in one of the pesta tanglung here. When in my ex-co, we had annual dinner: in the lucky draw session, they arranged for gifts for almost everyone, except 3. I was one of the 3. :(

  11. wah... you're sooo lucky! the most recent one i can remember (not company lucky draw lah) is the Boh flavoured tea promotion, won a DVD player

  12. Wah...there r so many lucky people around. I think I have won first prize in chinese karangan writing during my primary one(only once, very surprise, can't believe it); Top ten student in college; and a tatslotto worth of Aus60 + 30. hehe..not bad also...;)

  13. kc, wah, honeymoon photo won contest sure happy like mad wan.. hehehe.

    dg, of course lucky draw counts. speaking of which I never ever won any lucky draws before....

    suzette, not even a bottle of meehoon or mineral water ah? kesiannya..

    sue, dvd player very good what.

    allyfeel, indeed! not bad...not bad at all.

  14. i wanna win i wanna win
    share share your winning tips lar.

  15. I once won a hamper in school, and immediately shared the joy with every one in my class. That's as far as lucky draws are concerned ;p Never been "that" lucky. Other winnings are by blood, sweat and effort, so that's a diff story.

  16. i won a bicycle in a supermarket lucky draw...

    metrojaya RM50 can buy a lot of stuff ma...

  17. I won a mini-stereo set .. just before i came to Canada... and it's still sitting in the box i assume.
    Won some money before..! and of course won the heart of my ang moh spouse... and big winning is having my brat..! that beats winning the jackpot..!

  18. miche, we wait for lydiateh to share her winning tips. Link's on my post.

    narrowband, this is the first time win without much effort, previous ones must write article this and that. where got so easy to win? No luck for lucky draw and stuffs. share your story lah.

    simon, got ride the bycicle or not?

    big bok, I like your latest wins.... the angmoh and the brat. hahaha.

  19. wah so many lucky ppl in here. must come MORE often than i used to n hope *finegrs crossed* that some luck will rub off on me coz i REALLY for suey luck!! achelly....almost NO luck at all. sigh. :(

  20. Congratulations mumsgather. I love participating in contest too.

    Maria, wah you won a tour package worth 2K wor. I never win anything that big yet. Yeah go blog about it. Opps sorry mumsgather, borrow some space. My biggest was only a camera handphone only. I told my other friend, he also won the same handphone.

  21. Hai, I never won anything, not good at writing slogan. Even lucky draw also no luck, ;(

  22. I've won many hearts.All of them lost somewhere in time...:(

  23. yvy, got such thing as suey luck meh? Luck is luck and if suey how to consider as luck? hehe.

    michelle, camera handphone only!!!!

    shoppingmum, during lucky draw very no fun to see other ppl winning and we dream only. :P

    adiejin, Aiyoh! Kesian those lost in time hearts.

  24. That great you won something. I've won some prize money in the e-lotto, but nothing big yet.


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