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Thursday, October 20, 2005


My girlfriend who is living in the States emailed me yesterday to inform me that her father had passed away suddenly earlier this year. She said she was too grieved to tell me about it earlier and that her heart aches everytime she called home and imagined that he would be picking up the phone and she could hear his voice again.

Then this morning, I awakened to hear about the demise of our PM's wife, Datin Seri Endon. My family, and as I believe, the rest of our nation too is deeply saddened by this loss. She was our first lady but most of all, she was a wife and a mother. The image that I had of her is that of a loving and supportive wife and a strong lady. I had hoped that she would be able to win her battle with the big C but alas.... My heart goes out to the PM and his family for their loss.

Sad as I feel, I feel scared too. My mom lost her battle to the big C many years ago. My dad's sister (my aunt) has breast cancer too which is in remission so I hope it does not recur. With both maternal and paternal sides of my family having it, does that make me the ideal heriditary target? Its a frightening thought. Even with all the advances in technology, we still have not found a cure for cancer. Thats so sad.

Why do people fall ill or disabled? Why do they grow old and die? Why? Why?

Life is short and unexpected. We must remember to tell not only in words but through our actions the people that we love how important they are to us. We must not be so carried away by our daily grind and routine, get caught up with stresses of life and in the process forget to give love and receive love. Don't you agree?


  1. I am watching the funeral telecast and looking at the earth, burial and all that, your quote at the end is truly befitting. The legacy we leave behind is what matters.

    Tough questions you have there, no one can tell (convince) you except you find it in your heart, yourself. May you find that peace within you one day.

  2. Thanks for sharing the quote. I, too have similar questions; ones that I can't answer. Perhaps God will tell me someday when we meet face to face. Until then, we have to trust Him and lead lives befitting the honor He has given to us, His creations.

  3. while still around, spend more time together...

    MG, make sure do regular checkup.

  4. Certainly, love is so important in our life which we could not just ignore or take for granted. My 1st time visited yr blog. Will definately come back!

  5. no answer to your 'whys'. maybe a cycle of life huh?

    yup nvr forget to tell our love ones that we love them everyday...cos that might be our last time saying it to them...scarry but true!

  6. I don't mean to sound flippant, but nothing is certain in this world except for death and taxes... I gave up asking when I lost my unborn baby. It was easier to just accept what is is.

    Our children is our greatest legacy. They are the part of us that is still around after we are long gone. And when they grow up to be conscientious adults, my work is done.. Isn't that why we choose to be at home with them?

    I was unusually emotional when i heard of her death - I cried as the skies wept at her demise. A man has lost the love of his life and it was very hard for me to imagine how my little family would carry on if I were gone (I am sure you have had had similar thoughts..).

    There is no point in pondering over the things we have no control over, so LIVE and LOVE!

  7. with so many woman having the Big C... I wonder why nothing has been done to encourage woman to go for pap-smear once a year???

    truly sad case... I think we should have taken some lesson from the dead and take more pre-caution for the living :(

  8. I believe that it's better not to ask the "why" question. The Lord definately has His own agenda, wisdom beyond our own. It's better to ask the "how" and "what" question eg. How am I going to handle the adversity, What am I going to do to come out stronger.
    It's the "why" questions that get us wallowing in depression. Rainbows only come after the rain.

  9. May the good force be with you and your family. Cheers,

  10. MG, indeed very unpredictable. My college roomate passed away on Wednesday at the young age of 33 leaving 3 kids, the youngest being only 7 months old. The worst thing is I feel so regretful that I did not spend enough time to be with her. Sigh!

  11. Someone once said to me, if you live long enough, you have Cancer. It's scarry, but most of the time you hear about someones' passing, it's because of Cancer.
    My mum passed away because of Cancer as well, she was real tough, kept everything from us. When she got a relapse, only we were informed. She passed away 3days after we knew about it. How sad.
    All I could say is, seize the day, live the fullest.

  12. so sorry abt yr loss too. i too lost asister in law earlier this year. and some friends too. and yes, beautiful quote!

  13. i lost my grandma and uncle the same way....i am very scared as well but nevertheless, life goes on la.
    I never fail to kiss my kid everyday before going to school and say " i love u" atleast 5 times a day.
    live life to the fullest and the most meaningful way, make it an enriching one. if we live life right, living once will do.

  14. There is the reason me and Twinsdad spend as much time as possible to our girls, because we both know we can never predict what will happen tomorrow.
    We may plan but the what have happen might not be what we have planned.
    seize the day.

  15. Thank you all for sharing. I'm sorry to hear that a few of you have lost someone close to you too. It just goes to remind us how precious life really is. Ladies, don't forget to do annual pap smear and breast self examination.


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