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Friday, October 14, 2005


In line with my new resolution to include exercise into my daily routine, I went out and bought a Salsacise tape. Hehe. Thats Salsa dancing and exercise rolled into one. Really fun! It has 6 routines ie:

  1. Warming up
  2. Twist and Dance
  3. KickAss Combo
  4. Mambo Mania
  5. Fab Abs
  6. Cooling Down

So, here's how I do my daily exercise:

On the stationary bike:

Huff huff puff puff. "Baby! Don't touch the pedals or mummy may accidentally hit you. Girl! Stop pulling on the wires (hooked on to show pulse rate) or daddy will scold! Both of you get away from the bicycle!" Huff huff puff puff.

Salsacise - Yeah!:

Huff huff puff puff. Kick legs, swing arms about. My Girl enjoys doing the dance with me. She especially like the Fab Abs routine where we lie down on the floor and do sit ups. Baby also tries to lie down on the floor and he puts his face to the carpet and gives me a cheeky smile (a smile that says he's very proud he can do too!) ........sooooo farneeee and lovable! Then they both fight for space to see who can lie down nearer to mummy and after some pushing and shoving about, both start to cry! Sometimes baby switches the vcd off halfway thru our routine! Sometimes, he comes and clings to my leg and wants to be carried up to do the dance together! Huff huff puff puff. Kick legs, swing arms about.

Hope to keep to my routine with all the distractions and all! (No weight loss to report yet despite my discipline to keep up with my routine and being mindful of what I eat. Boo Hoo Hoo. Nevermind, I shan't be disheartened but shall perservere!)


  1. maybe I should get me one of these tape... not for exercising though... coz I think my son will like the music and pick up a few moves :P

  2. Hey, you still can do workout with two kids disturbing you ah? I can't, I scared I will accidently kick and bump into the my girl. Can only exercise after she sleeps.

    I have two VCD - Cyndy Crawford & Elle Macpherson, they helps me to lose weight in just 2-3 months few years back.

    Enjoys your workout! It's really good actually!

  3. yay! a routine, maybe i can jump in the bandwagon after baby comes out in jan heheheh

  4. egghead, ya I'm sure he will enjoy it.

    jefferene, if wait until they fall asleep first, I no need to do any exercise. This morning when I did the sit ups, baby came and sat on my tummy. Nvm, just continue, better for tummy muscles even! Hahaha.

    sue, wah... you so ambitious eh? When I pregnant dat time, all I could think off is relaxation and after baby arrive, for the first 2 months, much, much, much too busy, no time to sleep even, how to have any routine?

  5. mumsgather - the only exercise I have is chasing after buses, picking up things on the floor and going up and down the stairs. that's it! good luck -

  6. hehe.. so cute!! MG, ka yau n good luck!!

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Wow..so determine to loose weight..Keep it up..Children always try to get nearer to mom. I did that with my brother when we were little. Always ended up the youngest (my brother) got to stick nearer to mom. Big sister must always give space for little brother.

  9. way to go mumsgather! :D
    salsacise sounds interesting. probably i'll get on :D
    bored with my paula abdul's dance work-out. need new challenge.

  10. kak teh, better than me b4 this!

    crazygrrl, Yes! Yes! Will ka yau!

    sabrina, Haha. Sabrina. How about now? Still want to stick near to mum or go far far away?

    miche, its really fun workout that don't feel like a workout at all.


    so ngam wan, but I no consistent lar, so pai seh toblog about it *sigh*. anyway most of the time the girls accupy the TV, or their daddy.

  12. haha. you forgot, we are telepathic!

  13. More power to you. Takes a lot of discipline to keep an exercise routine. One that I don't have. Heheh. Tried doing some yoga to firm up my flabby stomach. I lasted 1 week. Now we have a mini trampoline (courtesy of a very generous friend who just left to go home to US). Didn't know jumping could be so tough as well. At least it's keeping my kids from jumping on my bed.

  14. very very good! keep it up!! I bought a pilates CD but never got round to even hook it up on the dvd player!

  15. I'm gonna have to exercise soon too.. getting flabby.. all over..hahah! good for you ..! keep it up.. eh..??

  16. Ai Lian, yah, everyday must "force" myself to do it. hehehe.

    dinah, haha. pilates I will use for toning up but must reduce weitht first lah!

    big bok, will try my best to keep it up. will try.

  17. too cute! that was how it was when my kids were tinier. we exercise, they also must exercise!

  18. I salute you! Not even your kids can distract you from your goal to exercise! Good for you!

  19. ely, the little ones are always cute when they're little aren't they?

    bkworm, must try different tactic each time. This morning it was lock baby up on the high chair to eat his biscuit so he can only watch and not climb on me. hehe.

  20. hey do carry ur son to do the dance together, this will speed up ur weight loss haha.. :D

  21. I think children and I will like to dance to some hot music! Your salsacise comes in DVD/VCD or not? Don't have video player-la..

  22. shiaulin, yah, hehe, can strengthen hand muscles oso!

    kc, when I said video, I meant VCD not VCR :P

  23. i went to get one salsacise vcd last nite! it looks tougher than my paula's dance workout. :)

  24. miche, remember to share after you give it a "test drive."

  25. So get the VCD from where??

  26. I got mine from MPH but I think any supermarket oso can find.

  27. Yeah that's the way to go Girl! Perserverance is the key to success. BTW, I can now fit into my prewedding days clothes which I 've kept all these years.


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