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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Living Doll

My Boy: "Duh. Duh. Duh."

My Girl: "Whats duh duh duh?"

My Boy: "Tek. Tek."

My Girl: "Whats tek tek?"

My Boy is like a living doll for my girl. She likes to bullly play with him. She would take him by the hand around the house, pretend to feed him, force comb his hair, play hide and seek, catching and wrestling with him. My Boy loves to play wrestling, catching and hide and seek with his sister. It never fails to draw excited and loud laughter from him. (and palpitations from me.) They also have conversations together, like the above.

Its really fun to see them interact. Although sometimes my voice does get a little hoarse from telling My Girl to stop pushing My Boy. My Boy is a strong little boy but he hasn't discovered how to push back yet. Is she in for a nasty surprise when he does!


  1. Yalor, a younger sibling is such a wonderful 'present' for the older kids. My older kids adore toddler to bits. Lucky thing is they are way older and only manja him and let toddler provokes them back instead.

  2. My small one bully the big one instead. Why girls like to bully boys ah? Haha

  3. how I wish I can afford and plan for another sibling for my son :(

  4. oh..talk about pushing..I've still not get over my anger with my girl yet. She just pushed my boy, couldn't hold him on time till he fell and bonked his head. Furious mummy wallop the sister hard... I guess pushing is a part of sibbling life.. "sigh"

    But is fun when they play together... and when the sister will lovingly talk to the brother like an adult

  5. having 2 children nice :) the elder one gets a doll and the younger one tends to learn faster, just copy what je-je or kor-kor do :P

  6. 5xmom, good lor you, got so many babysitters. haha.

    willwolf, why? your wife bully you ah? kekekeke.

    egghead, I'm sure you can have your wish in time :)

    elaine, my boy dunno kena bonk head how many times already...

    sue, having more than 2 even nicer. hehe. the more the merrier mah.

  7. Ya..how nice to have two kids! I still remember when I was kid, I love my little brother too to bits!

    I also wish that I can afford and plan for 2nd kid.

    What is "tek tek"? My girl also "tek tek" a lot, but we don't know what she meant.

  8. Oh, that is fun to see the kids playing, but like you lar "oii, becareful, don't pull hair!" "Oii, watch out don't bump *bong!*" bumped already...

  9. My boy like to follow my gal. My gal sometimes very clumsy due to her size. As he is following her, he will bum her, she fall and cry (actually manja). It is funny to see kor kor following mei mei in action. He also like to force her to wear stuff, example hat.

  10. jefferene, I have 5 siblings. I'm the last, The first 4 all within 4 years difference, then 4 years later me. Due to age difference, I don't remember playing with my siblings very much when younger altho we're close now so don't wait too long for the second one. :)

    maria, whole day we shout "Oi!" when hubby come back sked forget shout at hubby "Oi" as well. Haha.

    michelle, yee? terbalik pulak. Kor kor follow mei mei. :)

  11. Now u made me feel like having another one. The other day my boy stood still and let my friend took photos of him and his 2 sons... I have never seen him enjoy himself so much. Uugh..I want one more...

  12. LOL... I did shout "oii" to hubby... LOL... then he said: "you have been shouting for whole day right?" LOL...

  13. i love to watch when they play peek-a-boo with each others and their laughters.

  14. wa like the characters in Baby Blue. How old are they actually?

  15. allyfeel, go and make another one loh. :P

    maria, luckily twinsdad understanding.

    miche, ya. they looooove peek-a-boo....especially if its behind the curtains!

    zara's mama, 1 and 3.

  16. mumsgather, you posted in Dinah's blog with your recipe link.

    One of the ingredient is Jicama, what is it ah?

    (sorry hor, nor related to this post)

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. eh? dont know what happened to my comment regarding your recipe ......anyway i have a few question - what is stock? the only stock i know is the chicken/beef cube stock..(sorry ah...this mommy dont cook very much!!)

  19. Haha Dinah, you got confused. You posted that comment in my earlier post "The Magic Cup". I replied liao. Check it out? I gave you a link where you will find much more info that will interest you. :)

  20. hehe baby and toddler talk hoh...I'm sure she sayang brother a lot...

  21. Yes.. it's good to have a sibling to play with.. not so lonely.. to be honest.. ;)
    If i weren't this old.. or had complications when i had my brat. .i would wanna try for another one...but cannot .. so gotta count my blessings lor.. :)

  22. jazzmint, yah. sayang and bully at the same time!

    big bok, you are very blessed to have your brat. She looks adorable. I have no doubt you love her very much. :)

  23. MY boy hasn't learnt to push yet, but boy, can he scream!! Girl take from boy, boy scream. Boy take from girl, girl scream!! Sometimes I am so worn out and out of 'oii's , I just let both of them scream!! The neighbours must be wondering whether mommy gila already or not. But after that, they continue to play with each other and laugh with glee when one chases the other. Until the next time, one is pushed/has things taken away by the other...

  24. kc, boy take from girl, girl scream and mama scream, girl take from boy, boy scream and mama scream. hahahaha.


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