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Friday, October 07, 2005

What is this thing called blogging and how to start a blog?

I'm trying to explain to my second sis about blogging infect my second sis with the blogging virus. "How ah?"

I think I better rope in all the blogging gang to help me with the explanation. So, to all you good folks out there who happens to be reading this post. Can you help me out please? Its better for her to hear from the different horses blogger's mouth words themselves. That will surely give her a good idea of what blogging is all about and how to go about starting one.

Please help me answer these 3 questions in my comments board. (If you can think of more than this 3 questions to help out with the explanation, feel free to let loose.) Thank you for helping me be lazy. Saves me a lot of explaining. I'll just email her this entire post. Hehe.

  1. Why I blog?
  2. How I started blogging?
  3. What I love most about blogging

Ok, I'll start the ball rolling....

Answer to above:

  1. I hope that someday when my children become parents themselves, they can read my blog as a source of reference or simply for amusement sake. I'd probably be too old and grey and forgotten the details or perhaps not even here anymore to advice them.
  2. I didn't start by reading blogs first. I didn't know of anyone who had a blog and was not introduced to blogs by anyone. All I knew about blogging was "a blog is an online journal" and since I had my breastfeeding difficulties experience which I wanted to jot down somewhere, I started a blog because it was much easier to create than a website. I also thought it could be a space where I could copy and paste some of the nicer email forwards that I wanted to file up/keep. However, ever since twinsmom and 5Xmom showed me through their blogs what blogging is all about, the rest is history and I haven't copied and pasted any stuff because I have too much to say myself! (I eventually moved my breastfeeding story to my website after I learned how to create one.)
  3. Blogging allows me to do something I love..... write! I hadn't realised myself what a passion I have in writing as I'm discovering now when I blog on. And fuihyoh.... got feedback for my thoughts summore..... lagi shiok!

    Ok folks. Over to you...

    P.S. Got prize or not for responding? No lah... but got strategies for how to win yourself a prize. Hehe. So to all contest lovers from my previous post, I recommend you to hop over to Lydia Teh's right after this to learn those winning tips yourself. (Thank you Lydia for the post.)


  1. Answers to your questions:
    1) Why? Relieved Stress
    2) How? When I was too stress
    3) What? Stress relieved.

  2. My answers:

    1)Why? Same with you - to jot down the journey of motherhood.

    2)How? After reading Michelle's blog and other blogs too, got badly infected by te virus.

    3)What? Can share the feeling and experinces with other and relieve stress. Make new friends thru blogging. They can watch my kid grow and I can watch their children grow....this is sweetest part!

  3. Mumsgather, does this survery opens to parents' blog or anyone? Haha! Cause since she's your sister, why would she blog like me *coughs* not-so-young teenager *coughs*, right?

    I would gladly answer though.

  4. michelle, (*pooomph*) Oops! I fell off the chair laughing! Thanks for a great one.

    jefferene, hello blog friend. So nice to share our children's development indeed and like michelle says when stressed got a lot of comfort from blog friends summore.

    jason, of course open to everyone. The more views, the better what. So... many jawapan you?

  5. I started blogging because I want to write down many sad/happy/memorable incidents that happened in my teenagers life. I always wanted to write down my life, but I hate doing it with pencils and I don't feel safe with the papers hiding all around. So, I went online. [However, for don't know how and why, my parents found my blog. ~!@#$%^&*(] Besides, I express myself better through words.

    Alicia of Lobaksoup encouraged me to start one myself. So, after reading their blogs for some time, I decided to give it a try by logging to blogger.com and started exploring myself.

    The smooth, relax, happy mood each time after I blog. Not to mention the friendships I have made through blogging. :D

  6. Why?
    help to make use of some of my free time in office, also improve my writing skills, and most importantly, let my son know he has a cool dad :P

    Get a simple hosting like Blogger to start with, use their default templates (maybe add a few cool gadgets), then start reading other people's blog to learn... then start writing a few and invite friends to read and feedback :)

    What I like most?
    The satisfaction of reading other people's comments on my page. It makes me understand I am very much human like everyone else and the world is not about me and myself only :)
    3) What? Stress relieved.

  7. Mumsgather: I hope I didn't cause you any stress when you almost fell off the chair. :lol: . Actually I am just using my right brain this morning.

  8. 1. why - because there are things i don't want to forget as yet, and because i use different PCs here and there, it's most convenient to use an online host (I used to try Yahoo notepad online, but it sucks)
    2. how - blogger
    3. what - easily updated, easily accessible

  9. Jason, sometimes we express ourselves better in writing, afterall the pen is a mighty instrument.

    egghead, you're a cool dad!

    michelle, no, no stress at all, only relief stress :)

    totoro, things you don't want to forget? Exactly!

  10. Why? I have so much noise in my head after meeting up with a guy that I used to like. I poured it all out and feel much better.*Shhhh*

    How? Since I have much more time now with a lepak job, I decided to blog to kill time.

    What?Seeing my own thoughts being pen down. My kids can see and feel what I‘ve been thru to better understand me (like how I accidentally saw my mum’s diary). Make new cyber friends.Cool!

  11. 1. I blog coz this is a way to express myself and to save all my memories in writing. And to waste my time at work, which is rather free and easy, and when I am free.

    2. On the blog I shared with my friends, well, they started it and invited me there, so it was fun to collectively submiting our ideas. On my personal blog, I started to blog coz it was so easy.

    3. I love to blog coz now it is my hobby and I can anything I like.

  12. I recruited my older sister, my younger brother and my niece - only my niece mantained the momentum - I love blogging cos its like an online journal..keeps the brain active, dont u think? and also there's so many untold stories to be told!

  13. allyfeel, whose the guy? who? who? :PpP

    krazie*angel, oic, you started from a group blog and graduated to a personal blog?

    kak teh, wah! you have so many recruits.

  14. my answer:
    1. Why - As I saw ppl blog, I also blog!! wat a copy cat ya!
    2. How - Guide/help by friendly Michelle & Jazzmint!!
    3. What - can post my sweety girls photos & wrote down they growth story & share with others!

  15. For me:

    1- Why? I am forgetful. I want to be able to trackback when I'm older and laugh at what we went through. This is for my children, my hubby, my friends and all who is willing to share it with me.

    2- How? Read a few blogs + some encouragement from Michelle's forum, finally took the plunge. no regrets... (only that I didn't start earlier :P)

    3- What? I love the feedback I get and and friends I got to know through blogging... and it's fun!

  16. Why? bored.

    How? use PC, interent, keyboard, dictionary.

    What? cheapest hobby compair with collecting diamond.

  17. why? kak teh punya pasal lah nih! heheheh. since we live far away fm home, at least my family fm the other side of the world would know our happenings here

    how? again, kak teh! she convinced me. since i love to write...the ilham keeps coming.

    what? i can write whatever i want! and pen whatever i feel at that moment. like a personal vent?


  18. Hehe, naughty MG being so KPC. ;P

  19. till today also i still dunno why i do what i'm doing. too many ohkau...blur...

  20. jesslyn, oic, you jazzmint and michelle satu gang!

    sue, Ya. I'm forgetful too and the feedback is the surprising fun part, yes?

    maria, wah! you want to collect diamond ah if not blogging...

    ely, I guess it makes you feel closer to home and its a great way for your family and friends to stay in touch with your life there.

    allyfeel, not kpc lah, just lazy.

    ah pek, aiseh.. i thot you will give me poetic reason why. hehehe.

  21. Why
    - cause I want to have some memories when I'm old and I'm simply not good enough in writing, handwriting serong lah

    went surfing around and found blogspot as the host!! Tarahhh.....didn't know any Mommy bloggers at that time, only a few friends

    release stress, share pics of faythe, also can know more mommies!! Network grows pretty fast hahaha

  22. Why
    I wanted to try out something new. Something that has already been practised by many, yet still considerably new to others. Furthermore, I spend alot of time in front of the computer, compared to TV.

    Jeffooi's Screenshots was my main influence. I picked up some tips from various blogs, and found out that most people use blogspot - So I hopped on to the bandwagon. To add, Blogspot is owned by Google.

    1) Meet/make new friends. Read about other fellow Malaysians' ways of life, lifestyles, hobbies, practices, etc. On my part, it helped improve my writing. I now visit www.dictionary.com more often than before.

    2) And of course, the comments left on my blog. They keep me going, inspired, motivated, encouraged. It's nice to see a diverse background among bloggers, and I read them. Age is no barrier.

    While generation gap sometimes exist, we, bloggers often express ourselves from our own point of view. It's refreshing to read blogs, really.

    3) A place for me to keep in touch with my friends, especially those who're studying overseas. I read theirs and they read mine, and we're pretty much in contact.

    4) I learn about web-publishing and HTML.

    5) I can now boastfully say "yay I have my own webspace online". heh.

  23. jazzmint, seems like a lot of ppl blog to relief stress! hehe

    narrowband, if it weren't for your blog you wouldn't be 'talking' to this 40 year old aunty like friend like dat. ;)

  24. Why I blog?
    hubby blog then i mar blog loh..

    How I started blogging?
    hubby created the blog for me then i continue it 5 months later...

    What I love most about blogging?
    idea sharing and friends making loh...

  25. shiaulin, 5 months later... hahaha

  26. Anyone can Know how
    to start a blog
    but can anyone make a profitable business out of it!


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