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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Mealtime Frustrations

My Girl is a picky eater, no doubt about it. She's extremely reluctant to try new foods and her diet is rather limited though improving slooooowly. My Boy on the other hand used to be a joy to feed. He would wallop all of the porridge I gave him in a jiffy, mouth after mouth after mouth and finish his meal very quickly.

Now that he is growing up......(haiyah!)..... and have a more discerning tastebud.....(*shakes head*)....he has become a lot more selective about his food. Unlike My Girl, he likes to try new foods but he can be rather choosy too. When he first tried rice, he loved it probably due to the newness of the texture. He chewed each morsel carefully and wanted more. Not anymore though.

Now, when I feed him anything that he finds "offensive" including rice, he goes "ptuuuii!". So at every mealtime, its ptuuuii on his clothes, ptuuuii on his highchair and ptuuuiii on the floor. (*Sighs*). After the first one or two ptuuuii, if I continue to offer him the same food during the meal, he would shake his head vigorously and smile. (*aaarrggggh - pulls hair*)

So, at every meal, as I try to feed myself, My Picky Girl and My Choosy Boy all at the same time, I want to throw up my hands in despair and declare (and sometimes I do) "If you two don't want to eat, forget it. Don't want done! I have no more food for you. Afterwards you hungry... I don't know!"

I'm actually beggining to emphatise with that maid who abused the kid by not feeding or merely feeding kids in the house instant noodles (which was news sometime back in the papers) but my kids wouldn't even eat instant noodles!

Ahh.... just another joy of motherhood right?


  1. wah... picky eaters... maybe they have the "emperor's tongue" leh :)
    may grow up to be a good cook or food critic!

  2. feed them chocolates...lots of em chocs.and ice cream...yumy

  3. Difficult to handle fussy eaters hor? Just give them the breast if they don't want to eat anything la.. they can't refuse that. :P

    Zara is the same, see food, get all excited. One spoon, if it's good, mouth open very fast, if not good, shake head. I can persuade her, plead with her, pretend to cry, she won't have another bite, until I change it to another type of food.

    Aigh.. Joy of motherhood alright.

    Btw, I'm going to link you from my blog since I'm visiting quite often liao. :P

  4. Hehe, picky eater, I have one too! "Ptuuii" on the floor, on the shirt and on our face sometimes!

  5. mine has yet to start.hopefully no ptuui action...but she knows how to push the bottle teat out of her mouth...or when you try to feed her and she doesnt want to drink...she'd play with the teat in her mouth..moving it side to side!

  6. egghead, emperor's tongue and emperor everything else. ;)

    adiejin, thats the only thing they agree upon courtesy of Mr. MG.

    zara, I added you too. :)

    jefferene, on the face I belum kena luckily!

    dinah, oops. she's starting to show her preference young!

  7. 'ptuii' here & there..sound familiar to me too! Wien like to do this, sakit kepala. One time hubby feed her then she ptuii on table, hubby angry & he stop feeding her, threaten her no more food till she hungry, then Wien cry & beg daddy feed her again. After that she seldom ptuii..must give them a lesson..

  8. Huh, feed instant noodle also can kena abused ah? Poor maid. I oso feed instant noodle sometimes wor. You should see the 'hmmm...yummy....' face. It is full of protein and carbohydrate oso mah... LOL!

  9. Hey.. MG,
    my brat donch "ptuiii.." only throw up.. when she is given new food.. or when she doesn't like the food.. !

  10. jesslyn, i tried before and they just won't eat lah. they end up playing happily and I worried becos they ate so little. backfired!

    5xmom, ya lor, dat time the mum complain the maid abuse her kids becos never feed them food when the refuse to eat or just cook instant noodles only...

    big bok, thank you for sharing that bit. I shall now be thankful for the ptuiiii. haha.

  11. urgh...I bang my head to the wall so many tiem when I feed the girls.
    they no choosy, not at all, they eat everything, but...I think my cooking realy good lor, because they refuse to swallow the food, just chew and chew like chewing gum for sooooo long.
    I sorry lar, I use cane wan, get the cane sit down, if they still not swallow their food I raise the rotan, they will eat very fast.
    Sometime I think they just want to test our patient.

  12. i am a very picky and choosy eater and my belle has the same taste bud as mine...she will eat whatever i eat. so i feed her whatever i like to eat. so far no "ptuui" experience. my kiki has the daddy's...swallow everything!

    ah...the joy of motherhood :D

  13. lucky SQ never ptuiii...hehe..she 100% tong sampal..swallow everything..

  14. maria, so far I haven't encountered the chewing gum problem :P

    miche, haha, you got two extremes there yah?

    msau, tong sampah better than ptuuuuiii! Hehe.

  15. my girl also used to ptuuii. If she ptuuii and i continue to feed, she'll then throw up!! Luckily now she doesn't do this anymore....but take long time to swallow lor!

    But my girl likes instant noodle very much!! But we cook without MSG, we add the noodle into the soup we cook... throw away that packet of MSG. hehe

  16. My girl is opposite of my boy. Girl is quite choosy. Always say eat vegetable good as it makes people healthy and strong. But clever to talk but does not walk the talk. I gave up on the rotan and threatenings. It's just unnecessary stress. Now that she is older (4+), I let her get her own rice (so she cannot complain I put too much) and choose her own dishes (so she cannot blame me for putting things she don't like). If she don't like the food on the table I say too bad. That is all we have, take it or leave it. Of course will praise like crazy when she finishes her meal.
    My boy will try anything (most of the time). That's how we discovered he can take spicy stuff. He eats nasi lemak, assam laksa and curry maggi mee (He's only 2+). Doesn't quite like people to feed him. Always insists he feeds himself. Make big mess but now not so bad. I dread when he eats watermelon. His uncle once commented that he bathes in watermelon.
    But you know something interesting, Damus was very slow in starting on solids. Started only around 11 months old. But you should see him now.
    The ptuii thing, I train them to go to the dustbin to do it. Sometimes Damus greedily stuffs his mouth then finds he can't swallow it. Now he knows where to go to ptuiiii. Make my life easier.
    Anyway, to summarize, what I am saying is DON'T STRESS. We try our best and set the rules but must remember they have freedom of choice.

    Ai Lian

  17. currently Ivan still eats everything he gets his hands on... and when yo ask for some from him hor, he'll shake his head, food he like he won't share... just hope he won't end up ptui--ing anytime soon or have the chewing gum problem (which could be worse)

  18. Kids will be kids la. If they don't like then what can we do? Force them? Cannot mah. My son is picky too but I use other method to get him to eat like trade him with dessert.

    "Eat it or no ice cream"
    "Eat it then you can play games"

    While my doter, like me, Bandaraya. Sapu everything in sight. LOL

  19. have u heard about disciplining kids when they have to eat?

    if u have not heard of it before, then i guess i am the only one who disciplines my kids at mealtime. they just have to EAT or no tv, no internet, no nothing. same goes with milk.

    maybe my kids are big enough for me to do that eh?

    good luck with your munchkins :)

  20. I have a boy who is a picky eater and a gal who wallops anything. I never allowed any of them to ptui food out.

    I agree with you that picky eater can make life difficult. Now I will only feed my boy what he likes. Funny, in school he can eat anything. I guess teachers are more strict with them.

  21. annie, I think/hope its just a passing phase and like everything else, they will outgrow it.

    Ai Lian, My Boy loves watermelon too. He would take one in each hand and stuff his mouth ful of it. If its something he dislikes its ptuiiii but if its something he likes, its stuff, stuff, stuff. Hahaha.

    sue, sometimes they look very cute when they shake their head and we have to control hard not to smile or else they will think its a game!

    wilwolf, my girl is old enuf for trading but my boy still don't quite understand yet. Sometimes I think got DBKL very good. hehe.

    ely, when they're older its easier to discipline. at the moment a bit susah, no tv, no internet, no problem to them becos they can occupy themselves easily with other things in the house. Anything can be a toy to them at this age.

  22. michelle, at this age, its a bit difficult to not allow the ptuuuiii. Its almost like a reflex action. I don't think he does it on purpose.

  23. aiyoo....kids dun want to eat n putting out hair due to frustration is a JOY? *sked edi lor*

  24. Ptuui is common for me, now bb is even worse, st only eat 1 meal. * scatch head* spend time to cook, bb ptuui in the coach, got stain...urrgg. Now I just give him what I eat but he doesn seems to fansy st.

  25. yvy, sked hor.. hang around. got more joys to share. kekekeke

    allyfeel, sometimes worry like mad when they won't eat a thing!

  26. ptuii only mah... my xuan did it all the time lar,

    food he love he take ages to finish...
    food he feel ok one he chew chew chew then ptuii...
    food he don't like? he ptuii at once the food enter into his mouth or not even fully entering into his mouth...


  27. haha shiaulin, mine exactly accept that mine food that he love he finished VERY FAST like very greedy like dat.


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