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Thursday, October 13, 2005


I'm waiting for My Girl to be a little older before I buy those cute little printed paperdolls to play with her. I loved playing with paperdolls when I was little. We used to make our own though. We would draw out the dolls and the clothes then cut them out painstakingly before playing with them. Big sis even made paperdolls with cleavage! Haha. She put cotton padding and glued real cloth clothes on the dolls as a base doll. Big Sis is very creative and good at art.

Nowadays, you can easily find the paperdolls at most bookshops. Some of them come with all sorts of materials and ribbons too. You can even find the paperdolls online. Here's a funsite for paperdolls lovers. The clothes are really amazing, with glitters, sheers, shawls, jackets, hats, accessories, high heels etc and celebrities to dress up and makeover. Geez. That makes me feel like I wanna be a kid again! Nevermind, can play with My Girl soon.

Pssst. For those of you at the office, don't come after me, if your boss catch you playing with those online paperdolls at work. kekekekekeke.


  1. any sexy paperdolls I can put in front of my office desk??
    and when did MG turned into a sexy mum liao :P

  2. t thought you were talking about the "other" paper dolls.

  3. Aiyah you two ah. when I put the heading on the post I thought how ah, maybe it'll create some misunderstanding, but then my post quite clear what and my site good clean family site. hehehe. anyway egghead, sexy is a state of the mind, not a state of the body or age altho that helps lah. Agree or not?

  4. Hey...I used to play online with Bea1 in my office, got it from one of the links that you put here;)

  5. The other day I saw popular got sell the fancy paperdoll book. They r really gorgeous! I used to like it but forget about how it's like after the electronic games was introduced to me. So crazy abt them.

  6. mama22beas, you enjoyed it more or Bea1?

    allfeel, yah, I saw at the bookshop, got ribbons and sequins and nice materials. Fuiyoh! Wish I was a kid again!

  7. Wuaaaaah...that's my childhood game too. I use some miserable cardboard to make the doll and then, wah, turn fashion designer with all the dresses. *sigh* Looks like I gotta play this alone. Dunwanna my sons turn ghey playing with dolls.

  8. I love Paperdolls to. Remembered buying them from those grocery shop. Then I used cassattes boxes to create imaginary rooms.

    Wa... those were the days. I find nowadays the paperdolls too glam. I like our time one better.

  9. yup, those were the days... peddlers outside the school selling sheets of paper dolls for a few cents and just buy one and can go home and make em clothes... bliss!

  10. yaya..I loved paperdolls..I always play them with my neighbour, since I was the only girl in the family. I remember one of the clothes was a fur kakaka

  11. i tried playing the online paperdolls....FUN!

  12. 5xmom, last time we all.. miserable cardboard oso can turn fashion designer liao!

    zara's mama, wah! so imaginative you.

    sue, sure you bought only one ah? hehe

    jazzmint, aisehman, got fur summore!

    ely, the clothes so nice. :)

  13. Love the paperdolls .. MG, but we could ill afford it as a kid.. and also i wasn't that fascinated by it.. after awhile.. hhaha!!

  14. i love paperdolls too!! i always play with my sis and we even make a house with some small furniture in it. yoosh... all the great old memories dash back into my head...

  15. MR: What is printed paperdolls har? How come i small time never played before one??hmmmmm

  16. big bok, you didn't make your own?

    shiaulin, when i was a little girl, I was fortunate enuf to have a dollhouse too. Loved it.

    mystic, maybe you're too young hahaha. next time when you go to the bookshop, go look at the children's books and see if you can find any? They're cut out dolls, with cut out clothes that you can fit onto the dolls.


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