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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Secret Confessions of a Blogaholic

My fingers are twitching again. I try to resist but I can't stop thinking about it. The thoughts swirl around my head endlessly. I just can't seem to stop myself. I can't concentrate. I can't sleep. Oh no! Not the twitching fingers again. I've got to resist. Yes, I must resist! I try to do something else but it is no use. I have to give in to the temptation.

I've got something to confess........

I've just created yet another blog to satisfy my urge to blog. After a while, one blog isn't enough anymore. Not when you have the urge to write, write and write and to play with blog templates and blog tools. Hehe.

Sounds like a blogaholic? If you are a blogaholic too, you can confess here at this Blogaholics Annonymous post by leaving an annonymous comment. Muahahahahaha.

Luckily my "addiction" is under control as I still have weekends and public holidays off. So happy holidays to everyone especially those who have taken Friday off for a long weekend. Cheers! Skipping off to my new blog.


  1. you ah.... itchy finger.

    LOL... macam I lar, last time, got 4 blogs, cooking, crafting, chinese, english. now only got time to maintain one.

    carry on, wonder what 's your next blog will be ;) LOL...

  2. You are really one blogaholic, babe. Even with one blog, I am always getting blog block! Tabik to you.

    Enjoy your merdeka holiday ya..

    P/s.. I really like your new blog.. very inspiring..

  3. I admit..i'm also a blogaholic. But i think i'll quit soon... :(

  4. Don't have to be anonymous lah. We all are blogaholic :P

    Where are the kids when you blog???

  5. Me also noticed you have new blog this morning...salute you for your good grammer!

  6. hahaha, like dis no medicine can cure wan ler. Welcome to the Blogoholic Club.

  7. twinsmom,
    Oh, then you are a retired blogaholic. Can share share ah? How you managed to retire?

    Blogaholics seldom suffer from blogger's block. Often have to make concerted effort and exercise lots of self restrain to not blog. Hahaha.

    Oh.. but why?

    They pansai oso I dunno... Hahaha. Just kidding lah. Kids always come first. Blog happy hour is usually before they wake up or during their nap. To me posting a blog post is a breeze and takes very little time. Its the blog hopping which is time consuming..... have to cut down on that.

    Good grammar? Solly, me no understand...

    Cannot rescue liao (Hokkien). Starting a new blog is very exciting one... Hahaha.

  8. congrats on the birth of your new blog....really salute you la..got 3 blogs... but i must confess I'm also a blogaholic though only with 2 blogs..i get sleepless nights if i dont write down what's in my thougth..:P

  9. New blog is very 'chim' but very, very good. I am not a blogaholic. I prefer to read blogs, so your new one is added onto my favourites. Can I please link this to mine?

  10. Me too... I have so many things wanted to blog it out but my DS has occupied so much of my time till I only get to blog once a while.

    I am getting a laptop soon, then I can blog wherever I want.. even when DS sleep in the bedroom or playing in the hall...

  11. Gee MG, you have too much free time on your hand. :P

  12. u're a blog junkie MG! missed ya!

  13. yes! finally a blogaholic anonymous! yeah! i'm so addicted too...yes no cure!

  14. Not only aiming to be supermom but superblogger too eh?

  15. MG,
    No cure..once in ..forever condemned. LOl. Sorry...me need to repent...but cannot. Too evil.

  16. dragonmummy,
    You've got "only" two blogs but you write more than me. Often I find it very hard to catch up on your blog because my bloglines reader shows that you have 2-3 new posts I haven't read.

    Of course you can link. Thank you for linking me. :)

    baby darren,
    Wah... got laptop, Good! If I have a laptop dunno how many blogs I will start! Hahaha.

    No, I don't have a lot of free time but when you love something, you will find the time.

    Yes, I missed you too. Since you travelled back to S'pore till now!

    No cure liao!

    I prefer to be supermom than superblogger. :)

    You too? Hehe.

  17. Congrates on the new blog and I love collecting quotes too :) Salute you for managing 3 blogs, I'm about to give up my alter ego blog as work is taking up too much time for me to keep up with blogging :(

  18. Where do you find the time? Here I am struggling to juggle my one blog with other stuff I do. You must have a great sense of time management. :)

  19. I kowtow to you leh...I mean three different blogs, almost like 3 different categories. But maintaining a blog takes time. And if you're like me who likes to tweak the template so much, then very "cialat"...

  20. good for you... :)

    as for me, ayaaa... susah nak cari free time to blog... adehhh...

  21. Wow,salute you!
    Emm...maybe you can write some to newspaper or magazine, hehe..can earn money too!

  22. immomsdaughter,
    Awww... thats too bad!

    sarah's mummy,
    Actually, I'm a kelam kabut person. :P

    First blog = tweak template like mad. Subsequent blogs = getting lazier. No need to tweak. Just write.

    Kesian you. When I have no time to post blog, I still blog in the head.

    :) back!

    My blogs also earning money from adsense. Thats motivation to blog and create more blogs. Hahaha.

  23. i am a blogholic as well as a bookaholic - terrible

  24. bibliobibuli,
    If thats the case, then you'll find that you don't have enough hours in a day. Haha.

  25. cos i dun work and surf blogs the whole day. I'm gonna get sack soon.hehehe

  26. sasha,
    shhh... shh.... you dare say sumore. Afterwards your taukeh read then only you know.


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