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Friday, April 28, 2006

My kids love to brush teeth!

"Mummy, I want to brush teeth" says my girl.
"Teeth. Teeth" says my boy pointing to the toothbrush.

When my girl was very young, she used to sit at the bathroom door and watch me brush my teeth. I would show her the toothpaste then tell her "toothpaste", "toothbrush", "mummy brush teeth" and she would laugh we she saw me brushing. Later on, I would use the same trick on my son, with the same results.. laughter.

As soon as she was able to, my girl wanted to brush teeth, especially since she saw that Elmo was doing it in the keyboard O-rama pc alphabet game under "T" for toothbrush and Barney had a nice song about brushing teeth. (Lyrics here) I let her stand on a stool so she could reach the sink and look into the mirror and we sang the song together or we would make funny faces and say "EEEEE" (to brush the outer teeth) or "AHHHHH" (to brush the inner teeth). She loved it. Now she has even mastered the art of throwing her head back (just like daddy) when she gargles. Hahaha.

She would also insist that I check her teeth after she brushes. "Mummy, check, check." she says as she passes her toothbrush to me to do the finishing touches. When I'm too lazy busy to check she would become very unhappy.

Now baby is following close in her footsteps. I think it makes him feel like a big boy to imitate us. I used to ask him to wait for his turn (as I was too lazy to handle two together in the bathroom) but then he would look so sad and forlorn at the bathroom door saying "teeth. teeth." so sadly. I have now incorporated their routine to allow them to do it together. So now he stands on his own stool beside his sister to eat/bite his toothbrush brush his teeth. And when he sees us gargle, he too would bend his head over the sink and pretend to spit. Lol!

Dunno why but my kids love to brush their teeth. I hope it stays that way and there never has to come a time when I have to shout at them to brush their teeth. Hehehe.


  1. My kids loves to "chew" on the toothbrush, sucking the toothpaste as if it's a lolli, I always have to scream at them to return the toothbrush to it place than screaming at them to brush their teeth.

  2. good for you lor... my son only will let his mother brush his teeth when I try to compete with him :(

  3. Bb also likes to brush teeth. He will ask for it when he remembers it. So if he doesn't want to bath I will say "Let's go brush teeth", haha amazingly, he will move his butt.

    Thanks to ur link, he learnt abt brushing teeth from Elmo's games too. :P
    oh...he loves to press to "V" too. Violin and sway his body to the sound of violin.

  4. elaine,
    I don't get them any special children's toothbrush or toothpaste. For toothpaste I use very sparingly for my girl and none for my boy since he likes to suck and bite his toothbrush. :P

    Alamak! Then you have to compete with him everyday loh.

    Lol! Yah. Mine will move their butts quickly too when I shout "Its time to brush teeth." It will stop them in the middle of whatever they are doing whether its playing, watching tv or fighting. Hahaha.

  5. My little girl loves to chew on the toothbrush..sigh..She loves Barney..I'm going to buy the Barney's video with the song about brushing teeth..Hope she'll imitate Barney...:p

  6. kelly,
    The one I have is called "Sing and Dance with Barney" celebrating 10 years. You better learn up the song too, to sing with her. Haha.

  7. a&a'smom5:56 PM, April 28, 2006

    U r very lucky indeed as many small kids do not like to do so. The electric tooth brush is also very good. They have it for kids too.

  8. Hey, I have "Sing and Dance with Barney" celebrating 10 years...but there's no such song!

  9. a&a's mom,
    Really? Interesting. Hmmm..

    Oops! Hahaha. My kids messed up the tape with the cover so I gave you the wrong info. Sorry! It should be "More Barney Songs". Song No.20 :P

  10. LOL... we use almost the same method :), only that they didn't watch how Elmo does it, but they watch me brush teeth since very young. So I just gave them a tooth brush to chew and play with until they got teeth to brush.

    Isn't it great? when a lot of kids afraid to brush teeth, we have no problem with it :).

  11. jealous, jealous... Until now, I still can't make Ian brush his teeth without struggles. He sees me brushing my teeth and got scared, not laugh like your children. Dunno what makes him scared about brushing teeth leh?

  12. U r soo lucky your baby follows your girl :)

    No problem with my girl, my baby boy loves showering, love shampooing his but when it comes to brushing teeth, it's a big no-no!

    I'll try your method of showing Barney and Elmo and see how it goes :)


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