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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Have some common sense and common decency when you share common facilities

Blurblur asked me to share some of my girl's aunty traits. So here it is:

My Girl: Mummy, that is not a parking place! Why those people so naughty one? Simply, simply park!

MG: Yah lor. Because their mummies didn't teach them loh. Thats why.

My Girl: Mummy, they should park in those parking bays there!

Now, don't you just hate it when you live in a place where you have to share common facilities and other common areas and then you come across people who don't know where parking bays are, where the ashtray is, where the rubbish bins are and worse still, where their own toilets are?

Parking indiscriminately like the road was built by their grandfathers seem to be a very common practise. However, not knowing where the parking bay is can't beat those that don't know where the rubbish bins are.

I have come across neighbours who leave their trash at their front door for all to smell simply because they cannot stand the smell of their own trash but are too lazy to carry the trash to the proper designated rubbish bins. If you can't stand the smell of your own trash, is it nice for you to put it at your front door for your neighbours to whiff in your smelly rubbish and especially if you just had durians?

Then there are those who throw trash straight out their windows like the whole world is a big rubbish bin! Or those who try to stuff their big bags of rubbish into the small rubbish cans meant for small tissues and other stuff instead of carrying it a few steps further to the proper big bins.

There are also those who think the elevator is a big tong sampah (rubbish bin) and throw their food and other stuff there.

Once, I even came across a neighbour peeing near an ashtray near the elevator. *Pukes* And his house was only a few more steps away. I am at a loss for words on what to say for that!


  1. I got stucked in Jusco's parking area for 15 minutes (not moving at all) with 50-60 other cars because some uncivilized people decided to block the exit route!

    the PA system must have announced the car's number for a million times before the stupid owner decided to move it! :(

  2. Stupid fellow!!! This is one of the main reason why i do not want to buy an apartment or condo... to avoid this kind of stupid fellow!!!

  3. Errr..some public lifts also stink of urine, ever notice the smell? That's so sick!

  4. It's always a pain living with inconsiderate neighbours...sigh..

  5. Huh? Adult peeing around in "public"??? That guy gila one ke?

  6. Dont you just wish that those elevators have an auto-lock installed so that it does just that when someone pees inside it?

    If they like to pee/poo everywhere, then they should be punished by walking naked waist-down to make life easier for them. So much for convenience, hoh.

  7. egghead,
    Aiyoyo! Just because of one inconsiderate idiot, cause everyone so much trouble and waste everybody's time!

    Yup! Thats the problem you have to be prepared to live with when you share common areas with others.

    Yup! Its disgusting.


    Dunno lah. He was elderly so I kept mum. Otherwise would need to tell him off.

    Gee! That'll be great. The elevator lock idea I mean. Abuden hor, they might enjoy walking around half naked, who knows.

  8. just don't understand we are always known as the *berbudi bahasa* people, but things that we do are simply crazy and disgusting too sometimes

  9. Some inconsiderate ppl also don't know where is the rubbish bin. A few months back, my husband parked his car right in front of a hotel to go to the bank. All of a sudden, a bottle of orange juice came falling down and hit my car. I came out of the car and look right up to search which room was it from. I saw a man with glasses was peeping by the window. I got so mad and started cursing him. Idiots!!!Don't tell me the hotel nvr provide rubbish bin.

  10. One does not have to live in apt/condo to have to tolerate all these 'kee-see-langs'. They tend to be everywhere.
    I live in a semi-d and our new neighbour's kids so no manners one. When their ball comes over to our backyard, big boy climbs over the fence to get it. Kee-see-lang or not? When the fence is broken, do you think his parents will share half? 'Tan ku' (wait long long time)....but I also don't dare to say anything because aiyah, "Neighbourly love" lor.
    Ah..ah....then hor, one night my daughter was playing the piano at 8pm, and neighbour's grandfather rang our doorbell to tell my daughter to stop playing cos wake up grandchild (who does not even live there). I pay him rent mei that he should rule me and my girl? Diam diam only cos my lau-ang not home to protect me lor. Then when we were having bbq in our garden, they kick ball on my lunch also don't say 'Sorry'. Want me to go one somemore? LOL So, MG, these kee-see-langs are everywhere. What can we do?

  11. one good thing about living in US is people are more civic mannered when comes to parking & driving. The only time i see double parallel parking is in Chinatown. Must be an asian thing..sigh.

  12. jazzmint,
    "Berbudi" but with no civic conciousness.

    Its even more dangerous when they start throwing glass bottles from a height. People have been seriously hurt from such incidents before.

    Aiyoyo! Kee see lang man!

    Really ah? I thought it was a M'sian thing.

  13. Sometimes it's a shame to be Malaysian.. I feel we're not very civil minded.. *sigh*

  14. zara's mama,
    Yes, sometimes we still have a backward mentality.


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