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Monday, December 11, 2006

Brainstorming for a New Blog Name

Now that I've moved my personal rants to another blog, I need a new title for this one.

I decided to call my new personal blog and domain "mumsgather" because its like a brand name I built up for myself. Hahaha! In fact, I don't really like the name at all! However, when I first started blogging and did a search on google for "mumsgather" just for the fun of it, I could not find any results. Zero! Now, a search on google for "mumsgather" yields 34,000 results. So thats the reason why I kept that name. Pride. Lol!

However that creates a dilemma for me. I can't have two blogs with the same name! So, I need a new one for this blog. Can everyone help me brainstorm for a new name? Please read the description I have at the top (over the light green banner) and try to come up with a suitable name that will reflect the identity of this blog.

Sorry, no prizes for the winner but I'll provide a link to the one with the best suggestion. Hehe. I've run out of ideas. Thats why I'm opening this up for discussion. Terrible hor me.

A thought just crossed my mind. What does everyone think of "Parenting Times" to match my "Mothering Times" blog. Hehe.

Another thing, does anyone know.... Will changing my blog title affect my old search engine results?


  1. Parenting Times is good! Better take it quick!

  2. I think it's better to keep the name.

  3. Changing the name should not affect the search engine results. Only affect future results.

  4. When people get used to a brand name like mumsgather, it is difficult to change. Need to start all over again, in terms of web ranking. Well mumsgather is doing pretty good in terms of rank and hit.

  5. MG, wah, really have to crack my brains cos I am not creative like that. Maybe if you give a prize, that may be my motivation lor. Ok, I will go and think of a name though I personally think Mumsgather is cool.....

  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    Do you know whether it will affect my google page rank if I change the name?

  7. I think if you change the title without changing the address, there is no effect on pagerank cos that is reliant on the url.

    Btw, I thought of a name when I was chancing upon some info: Mumspace.

  8. Don't change...mumsgather is your identity, trademark, copyright, birth right whatever...:)

    Keep the mumsgather but maybe add another smaller headline to it...like 'Mumsgather..her rantings' or something like thatlah...I dunno, at 2.30am, it's hard to be creative. LOL.

  9. sesame,
    Thanks for the feedback. Help! I can't make up my mind! Not easy to change. Got to change for all those various directories and ads listing too!

    sarah's mummy,
    I'm not changing. I'm still using "mumsgather" on my new personal blog
    , which is why I've got to change this one as I can't have two blogs with the same name. Its confusing.


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