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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Seeking opinion for new blog focus and direction

I shall be moving my personal weblog on my own domain soon. I have been busy setting it up and being the perfectionist that I am, I wanted it to be just right and learn all the ropes about blogging on wordpress first before I move but........ I'm getting impatient. I think I will just jump right in and learn along the way as I did with this blog. Hehe.

This is how I am planning my move.

  • I will not be importing my archives over to my new blog. (because I don't know how and I'm lazy. I also do not want to be penalised by google for duplicate content, nor do I want to lose my page ranking for this blog) So, my archives stay here. I will interlink both blogs.
  • I am reaching my target 10th post at PayPerPost on my Mothering Times blog and will be registering this blog to write sponsored posts. (Then maybe I will become a WAHM instead of a SAHM. )
  • I will be keeping this blog alive but I need new direction and focus

But what should I focus on? My job is "mother" and thats the best subject I like to write about with passion but I can't very well have 3 motherhood blogs! Thats overkill! Lol! So now I have my own domain for my personal weblog, I have my Mothering Times blog for mothers but what about this one? What shall I do with it? Should I change the heading and description?

Help! My dear readers, please help me brainstorm for ideas on how to keep this blog alive. I don't want to kill it. I love it too much. Besides, this blog is now worth something ie in terms of being able to generate some income. I just realised that its got its own value as a cyber real estate. Thats so amazing!

I thought about continuing this blog for topics related to all my kid's lessons, crafts, activities, favourite online sites etc. or maybe I could write about topics of interests specifically to SAHMs and the rants and joys of being one. Hmm... I can't decide. I need new purpose and focus for this blog. Any ideas, anyone? What should I continue to write about here?


  1. Hmm... blog about your kids I say, and what their activities are. Kids are a real joy to talk about!
    ~ May Li

  2. From my experience,

    Once you move to your own domain, you will want all your loyal readers here to update their links to that new home. You will want to promote that new blog more vigorously.
    You know what? This old blog will refuse to die, because it already has roots of it's own. You will still get decent traffic, so, what i did to 2 of my old blog was to turn it into a "paid posts" blog.
    No pings, no publicity. Just bantai away for money oni. hahahhaaa...

  3. Ah Pek is right. Anyway, just blog WHATEVER you fancy. I do that anyway. LOL!

  4. May Li,
    I oso like to talk about my kids on my personal blog so got a little bit of overlap. Hehe.

    Ah Pek, pablopabla,
    Itu satu cadangan yang sunguh bagus! Hahaha. Buden hor want to bantai oso must have focus wan..... dat way oni search engines will like my blog and then oni relevant keyword ads will be displayed mah resulting in more clicks and more $$$. Must have a little bit of strategy.... You think so easy to blog for money ah?! Hehehe.

  5. yeah just blablabla whatever u suka la!

  6. maybe on hobbies and domestic issues?

  7. I enjoy reading your posts on cooking and activities for kids. Maybe you can gauge from your audience???

  8. As Jazzmint how did she managed to transfer all her blogs to her new domain...

  9. Frankly, how many blogger mommies are there turning into PPP "workers" already? :)
    I'm like you, trying to start new blog, but really out of topics.

  10. Check this blog www.loobylu.com out mumsgather. It might give you some directions. She has one personal blog on craft, and another two on kiddie stuff. Maybe you can get some good ideas from her blogs.

    Actually, it is not difficult to import the files from your current blog to your new old. I assume you're using wordpress? There's an option for blogger. Very easy.

  11. Hii..i really like your blog a lot and i got so much infos and ideas on how to create a good blog and also how to monetize my blog. My opinion, just keep it that way, blog about your kids and SAHM's as well.

  12. MG, for someone like you, you shouldn't worry about what to write. This blog of yours is doing tremendously and the way I see it, you have been blogging what comes into your heart, ie the best. I visit your blog daily except Sat & Sun & Pub Hols cos you told us that you don't blog on those days. :))

  13. Hi there! You might want to check out this article on moving your blog from blogger to wordpress.


    As for ideas to keep this blog alive, I say blog about food! I know I'll keep coming back! I love food blogs!

  14. sasha,
    You think I like you meh, so clever to blah blah blah. Heheh.

    Good. Good. Keep the ideas coming. Thank you.

    You must have got me mixed up with someone else. I seldom write about cooking. (Unless you're referring to that only one time, about baby food.) Hehe.

    I don't intend to transfer because it will be like killing this blog similiar to killing a plant I have carefully nurtured for 2 years.

    Yes, my feedreader keeps on giving me new updates from your blog and immomsdaugther plus Samm too. Hahaha.

    Thank you so much for the link. I will check it out.

    Ok, thanks for the suggestion.

    Hehehe. Yes, you still remember I don't blog on weekends and public hols.

    Thanks for the link and idea.


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