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Monday, December 04, 2006

I saw gingerbread man and gingerbread lady at the mall!

We took the kids to Mid Valley Megamall during the weekend and they were thrilled to see gingerbread man and gingerbread lady there. Thats the Christmas theme they are having there this year and I must say it looks wonderful, like a fairytale place. (looks much nicer than my photo above gives it credit for because my photo taking skills is poor. Hehe.) The decorations look good enough to eat!

We also took them to IKEA where we bought lots of less than RM10 Christmas gifts. They had nice things there for under RM10 but it was packed! Some people even lost their kids. At IKEA, we met Santa Claus. My girl didn't want to meet him but my boy eagerly extended his hand. At night when we spoke about it, he still remembered that Santa said "Ho! Ho! Ho!" to him.

Santa gave the kids some hard candy which we forbade them to eat for fear of choking risk. That made the little one bawl at the top of his voice at IKEA. (Not being allowed to eat the candy which Santa gave him coupled with the fact that he was hungry, tired and bored made him throw the biggest tantrum. Phew!) So, we blamed it all on Santa. It was all Santa's fault! HoHoHo!


  1. Maybe Santa should think about giving small children something safer to eat like gingerbread. Or rusks. :)

  2. If not santa, the dr also always gives hardboiled sweets...!! Luckily, my kids just like to hold them..they don't seem to like to see it opened up..macam sudah spoil the wrapping..hahahaahha!!!

  3. Ask for balloon lah... :)
    At least there's a Santa, still can't find one here in Ipoh...

  4. You didn't throw back the hard candy on Santa? :P. Tip: Always carry some soft candy with you, in case they throw a tantrum, you have the soft candy to rescue you.

  5. Hey MG, ginger bread man! yummy, I'm gonna make some with my girls next week. They are fun to make! Hope things are good! Take care!

  6. Haaahh, how can ppl lose their kids????? Sei lohhhh. I hear that babies even get stolen from their strollers when the mothers are busy buying things. Scary ah...

  7. Why Santa no brains one? What happened to those days when they actually handed out a small toy to the kids? :)

  8. Being a big kid myself, I would have loved to see the gingerbread "couple" never saw one before. Looks like they did a good job with the decorations too.

  9. ajab booboo,
    Nice idea but they'd have to be wrapped up though to make sure they are clean!

    Once I took the kids to a doctor who gave then honeystars. I was worried because dunno how many sick kids put their fingers into the tupperware and it gets passed around.

    You're sure Ipoh has not Santa? Maybe its too early mah.

    Hahaha. I can't imagine poor Santa being pelted by candies.

    I wish I knew how to bake! It would be fun to make gingerbread people. My girl will love it! But this mommy doesn't know how to bake and doesn't even have an oven.

    *shivers* Yes, I always takut to read those horror stories of kids being abducted from shopping malls.

    Toys are expensive. Sweets cheaper. Just open up a packet and distribute, easier on Santa. You dunno meh?

    How are the deco over there? Take some pictures lah and share share. Hehe.


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