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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Welcome to "Parenting Times"

In case you're wondering if you are in the right place, yes you are! I've changed my blog title from "Mumsgather" to "Parenting Times"..... just in time for the new year.

I've changed it because I was getting confused myself each time I log in to check my site traffic etc because I have two blogs with the same heading. Eventually, I decided to change the heading of this one to reflect the renewed theme for this blog. I mentioned renewed because it is a renewal of my old blog theme. It is just the same blog minus my personal rantings. I have moved my personal rantings to my new mumsgather blog. All other postings on this blog will remain the same ie. I will mostly be posting about parenting issues and my children's favourite crafts, online sites etc.

There may however be some overlap. I may sometimes post those cherish moments with my children either here or on my personal blog depending on the relevance or my mood. Lol! With several blogs online now, I find there are bits and pieces of me all over the web. So if you only follow one of my blogs, you will get to know only one aspect of me which is fine with me since it sometimes feels weird to reveal too much online. Spreading it out over blogs makes me feel that I'm being less personal which is what I prefer. Silly I know, but this is just one of my idiosyncrasies.

Changing the name required some blog housekeeping work though ie...... having to update my various blog listings in various directories etc. Boring! I'm also dreading the blog housekeeping I have to do when I have to switch to the new Blogger eventually. I've changed the template of my Mothering Times blog in a step towards preparing for that eventuality. Wish me luck!

BTW, Paula Neal Mooney mentioned in her comment on my previous post that my blog is "Blog Of The Day" on PPP today. I just couldn't resist taking a screenshot. LOL! Thanks Paula for letting me know. :)


  1. Hi! There, was just about to let you know, but you've already found out. ;) Blog of the day! :)

  2. Me too, was about to SHOUT it out to you but u r fast!

  3. Hello there blogger of the day :)
    It's exciting to be on that front page!
    Hope you had a great holiday.

  4. Congratulations for being chosen by PPP. Wanted to let you know this morning, but just could find time to comment!!! Anyway, you've been told. :)

  5. Congrats on being PPP blog of the day! Your blog is very nice.

  6. MG, congrats. What happens when your blog is blog of the day? Double earnings? Wah, can belanja already hor? :)

  7. immomsdaughter,
    A whisper will do. LOL!

    Yes, its exciting. Hope you had a good holiday too and Happy New Year to you! Thanks for dropping by. :)

    Thanks. Its a busy time for me too.

    Welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting and a very Happy New Year to you! :)

    I wish........

  8. Hi MG, congrats! The new Blogger is cool, with categories function. Happy new year.

  9. Wow! Congrats!

    U must be on cloud nine. Did u let ur hubby see dat? Showed him ur 'proud' expression? What was his reaction? Hahahahaha

    U are definitely on ur way to earning $$$$$$$$$......

  10. Hi MG, Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. Most of all, good to hear from you and congrats on appearing on the front page of PPP! It's been a long while since we caught up. Just wondering... would you like to exchange links? Drop me an email... you know how to find me!
    Have a blessed Christmas and keep in touch!

  11. lydia,
    A Happy New Year to you and your family too.

    Nope, I didn't show off to him. If I did, he would say "How did you get to be blogger of the day. Have you been blogging too much?" Hahaha.

    Ok, I will get in touch with you. Happy New Year to you.

    Haha. No, I've just been busy, which is a good thing, because the internet connection here is slower than a snail after the Taiwan earthquake due to the damage of underground cables. I can hardly connect to overseas sites. Very slllooooooooow!


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