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Friday, December 08, 2006

Online Christmas Games for Children

As part of the strategy in creating some "suspense" for the children in welcoming the coming Christmas celebrations, I searched for online Christmas themed games and found this one which has many interesting links.

Parents of toddlers and preschoolers, do check it out for or with your kids. My girl especially likes this online dress up the Christmas tree game. She also likes to make her own online gingerbread man (since her mummy does not know how to bake her one. Haha.)

Theres also an online design your own gingerbread house site which she enjoys. She designed a house then called out excitedly to me to have a look. "Its our new house mummy" she says. Luckily my boy is happy to just stand or sit beside her to watch her play otherwise I would have to referree a lot of fights!

Oh, and in case you are wondering.... No! This is not a sponsored post. Its just me sharing my kids' favourite Christmas sites with the parents who follow my blog. Just wanted to share something with your that will delight your child too!

Note: I will continue to post useful articles and links for parents of young children on this blog. For my personal blog, please visit mumsgather.com


  1. Thanks for sharing..

    How come this blog will not be hosted together with you other blog in your own domain?

  2. zara's mama,
    In time to come maybe as I'm yet to learn how to. At the moment, I'm still familiarising myself and I don't have much time to learn. Also, this blog now has some value to advertisers so I'm not planning to kill it just yet. Its not easy to build a blog up from scratch. Probably will take about 6 months before its worth something.


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