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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Unveiling of Mumsgather.com

Ok! Thats it! I can't stand it anymore. There's no better time than the present, no other time like right now. So why wait any longer? I will "hoi cheong" or open blog ceremony for my new weblog hosted on my own domain today.

I would appreciate it if you all will be so sweet as to add my new link to your blogroll. "Add" ok? Not "Replace" with this link as I will keeping this blog alive. Hehehe.

Thank you everyone for visiting my blog and special thanks to Lilian and Bryan for making this happen and to Sesame for her many ideas and suggestions.

So, here it is, my new blog. Tadaa! http://www.mumsgather.com/

P.S. The brainstorming session on how to keep this blog alive (from the previous post) is not closed yet! Please keep the suggestions coming. Thank you.


  1. Congrats! Ok. Now let me check out your new house :)

  2. My suggestion - Keep this blog for the paid posts and yr new blog for the longer, genuine posts. I am sure all yr readers will go there soon. This blog hor, dun ever leave it. Hahaha. I shud know 'cos I have resurrected my old blogspot. I posted like mad oso no one can say anything. Muahahar.

  3. Lilian,
    Thats the general idea. I already submitted this one for approval at PPP today because sudah reach 10 ppp posts on the other. Hehehe.

  4. Congratulation!!!will visit this blog too and your new house :)

  5. Whoa, how much I deserve a mention? Pai sei lah...cos I didn't think I contributed much ideas.

  6. 1+2mom,
    You are most welcome.

    Of course you do. You have been most helpful.

  7. Congrats...but that makes jealous also lah. I have a lot to write, but at the moment I prioritise. Got plan to own domain but with too many things to do, I have doubt if I can maintain. Anyway, good luck with your new home!

  8. Congratulations!!! Got to ask you later if I'm gonna get my own domain, ok? :)

  9. Congrats & hope u enjoy ur new home!

  10. mama22beas,
    Well, its good that you have many things to do.

    Of course you can ask anything you like. If I am able to help with my little knowledge, I will. Thats what we are all here for, for each other and to support each other.

    Yes, I'm enjoying it.

  11. Dearest Miss Mumsgather,

    Congratulation~! *cheers*

    I am truly happy for you. Best of Luck :)

    May all the happiness be with you.


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