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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Seasonal Toys

The kids are very excited about Christmas. They've been watching their Barney Christmas tape, playing online Christmas themed games and helping me shop and wrap up presents.

This week I took down their singing and dancing Santa plus the Christmas hats they received for last year's Christmas gifts out from the storeroom. Luckily I still remembered where I kept them away. Hahaha.

I find it very useful to store away what I call seasonal toys to be taken out and played only during the festival. We have Christmas toys, Chinese New Year toys and Latern Festival Toys stashed away. By keeping and recycling them, it helps them appreciate the toys more and it helps to save money too.

They appreciate it more because they recognise and remember the toys. That is much better than allowing them to play with it all year long till it spoils or they lose interest in it. There is also no need to buy them new toys each time a festival arrives. I definitely recommend recycling toys for your child.

Do you recycle toys?


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