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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Which Blog?

Someone asked me which blog I will be blogging on? The answer is both actually. I have decided to continue blogging about my kids (especially their activities) on this blog. This blog will continue with my original intention of it being my mini parenting resource for useful links and articles for parents. I will still be sharing my children's favourite sites, online games and crafts here.

As a matter of fact, I have in draft some of the following topics for my oncoming posts.

  • Online Christmas Games for Children
  • Seasonal Toys
  • Kids' Craft - Pop-up Christmas Card
  • Indoor Treasure Hunt - Activity for a rainy day

So, stay tuned...........

(P.S. Does this give that someone a better idea now?)


  1. So does this mean that your dot com blog will be more R-rated? If that's the case I think I'd better not go there. I'm still too young for that! I'll stick with the G-rated and PG-rated stuff. Hehe!! :D

  2. Sorry for not leaving any comments lately, can't help you out much in this domain, btw am still lost, what's happening?

  3. ajab booboo,
    No lah, not R-rated. My sites all family and children friendly one. Hehe.

    Haha. It merely means that this blogaholic now has another blog, that is all. Come and join in my blog opening ceremony here. http://mumsgather.com/


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