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Friday, December 29, 2006

Slow Internet Connection caused by Taiwan earthquake driving bloggers crazy.

I don't know about you but this sloooooow internet connection is driving me crazy! Its absolutely infuriating! The access to overseas sites is oh so sloooooooow. The pages are taking forever to load! Forget about streaming video and audio. Those are totally out.

Cannot blog, cannot listen to music, listen to news, accept payments, etc......

Its just amazing how our lives has changed in just a few short years with the advent of the internet. With no online connection, I really feel like something is missing from my daily routine. I use the pc for everything! Its my recipe book, my diary, my dictionary, my tv, my radio and I even use it to socialise. (I need to get a life!)

When its slooooooow like this. I really feel it! Aaarrrgh! Its just as well, I'm rather busy this few days so I don't have very much time to be in front of the PC anyway. Phew!

What about you? Has your internet connection been affected too by damage underground cables due to the Taiwan earthquake? Would you feel that something is missing too when you cannot get online?


  1. Everyone is hit dear... and you know, sometimes it's good to 'take a little break' when things like these happen. I do feel sorry for the taiwanese affected by the quake. What I'm saying is sometimes we tend to depend too much on our PC and internet connections that we forget about what life can be like without them... it's good to do a little reflection as the year draws to a close... Hey, I tried going to your new site but tak jadi... can you email me your email add?

  2. Ya, the line really slow, everything seems "out of control", now i only realize the important of INTERNET!

  3. doris,
    You are so right. Lives and property were lost and people are suffering and we are such jerks to whine about slow internet connection!

    I think the INTERNET has taken over our lives!

  4. doris,
    I couldn't find your email. You can email me at mumsgather@yahoo.com

  5. MG, internet only what..... (sarcastic wink)....hahaha.
    But I suppose with so many days of non-blogging you are probably suffering from withdrawal symptoms. :)
    Can you imagine what it was like for us readers/bloggers to come to your blog expecting a post cos it's not holidays only to find 'le kosong'.

  6. The internet line down have affected my work coz my employer is base in UK.

    The usual one hour task take 7 hours to finish and my boss getting impatient too!

  7. judy,
    I'm still busy so expect not to see me online for another 3-4 days. Hopefully the lines will be better by then.

    Aw... thats too bad and even more frustrating. Even work is affected.

  8. Wishing u and ur family a Happy New Year 2007.

  9. Here's wishing you a wonderful 2007!
    Happy New Year!

  10. MG, Happy new year. There's a contest on my blog. You can take part just by putting a link here :)

  11. immomsdaughter, king's wife, lydia,
    Happy 2007 to all of you!

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