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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Switching to the New Blogger

Can anyone who has switched to the new blogger (previously known as Blogger beta) share with me their experience?

  • Was it easy or difficult?
  • Did it take up a lot of your time?
  • Did you lose your customisation? (My greatest fear! I hate to lose time over having to recustomise my entire blog.)
  • Did you have to adjust your layout?
  • Did it take you long to categorise your postings?
  • Were you able to make use of the current template you were using or did you have to change to one of blogger's customized templates?
  • Can you describe your switching experience?
  • Which do you prefer? The new Blogger or the old.

Thank you for sharing. I have not been able to switch my blogs yet because when I tried to I got this message "Thanks for your interest in the new Blogger. Unfortunately, we cannot switch your Blogger account at this time, because one or more of your blogs cannot be moved. Please see our help article for more information." Thats annoying because I was hoping to do the switch during this quiet holiday week.


  1. It was easy to switch. But I still needed a Google account.

    There wasn't a lot of work because I kept the old template. If you stick to the classic (old) template, there's really no need for customisation.

    The new templates take a bit of time to learn about. Some hacks, like the Edit Comment hack, can no longer be used. Missed that one.

    Coming up with names for your categories is tedious. You can still have categories for your posts with the classic template, but I don't know for how long.

    I'm waiting for a Blogger that'll let me edit posted comments when replying to commenters.

  2. I love the new Blogger Beta (which is no longer beta) so much that I wrote a post about it...

    I'm glad I switched a month or two ago, because some folks who switched this weeks have had problems. Most folks are probably okay, though...

    But can anyone tell me how to put those cool trackbacks at the end of your posts? I saw the haloscan code, but I don't really know if that works with the latest version of Blogger that just came out of beta. Anyone? Anyone?


  3. Oh! And congrats on being named PayPerPost's blog of the day! Yay!

  4. For me ..No problem (yet). And its user frendly compared to the traditional blog. Much Much Easier. JUst drag and click.

  5. giant sotong,
    Thanks for the feedback. I opened a new blog using the then blogger beta when they first started it to familiarise myself with the new blogger so that shouldn't be a problem. I'm just worried about the customisation as I have a lot of add ons....

    Hi there and welcome to my blog! Yay! Thanks for letting me know about my being named blog of the day. When I signed in this morning, it wasn't there yet so I didn't know about it. I hope that someone can give you an answer to your haloscan question. :)

    Good for you then. When I tried to swithed I was told that one or more of my blogs could not be moved. Apparently there are some blogs which could not be moved and we would just have to wait for further support from the Blogger team.

  6. Do you mean you haven't even switched to the beta yet? And now beta is no longer beta, you haven't switched? I'm glad I just switched 1 DAY before it moved out of beta! :P

  7. lazy bone,
    As you can see, I'm even more lazy bone than you. LOL!

  8. Not much problem, been using the new version since they announced it under beta mode.

  9. I haven't had a problem - but I've only switched my newer blogs...I'm a little leery of changing the older one because I like the template and I know it'll be lost...and I'm no html whiz so I have no idea how I can get it back. :) I'll probably change it before too long, though...

  10. immomsdaughter,
    Lucky you!

    Hello and welcome to my blog. :) I'm wondering how did you manage to switch your newer blogs but not the older ones? Did you have them under different blogger accounts?

  11. Sorry ya. i almost forgot abt this until i came here. You know lah, how fast i post, until i myself also cannot keep up with what i've written, lol. What i dun understand is how come u got such a message from blogger? Which blog cannot be moved? Have u figured that out yet? Both my myorganiclife & samanthayeap is moved over to the new version sans glitches. But it took a day or so.

    Thk god nothing's amiss. Is you keep the old template, then, no problem. I dun quite like the new customisation as u cannot have adsense within your posts. But, they'll ask whether u want to save a copy of your old template shld u want to revert. But then, the new blogger works with TLA wohhh, worth the switch lohh. U know i damn lazy to change this change that wan, but then.... money face mah, watudu.... Just slap the Adsense across the top lohh.

  12. samm,
    I have no idea at all. Each time I try I get the "One or more of your blogs cannot be move" then further on its mentioned that certain blogs with lots of content and or comments cannot be moved and will have to wait for further support from Blogger. Chey! Frust I tell you. I signed up for TLA but cannot install the ad script under this old blogger because its not compatible.

  13. I haven't heard of anyone not being able to move because of haloscan but probably I'll remove it and try again. I thought it was because of the non-blogger template I was using on my other blog so I changed that but it didn't help. :(

  14. eh, ...ok, this is a suggestion oni ah. Why not save a copy of all your existing blogs in ur hard drive. Then, revert every single blog of yours to back to their original form by removing all those changes u've made to their template. make the switchover again and see can or not? If still cannot, then replace back with the saved copy?

  15. samm,
    Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it out too to no avail. Have written to Blogger support. We'll see if they reply or not........


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