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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Chinese New Year is only a few weekends away. Must plan how much new notes to change for angpow. Must think of the different denominations too. Lets see.... must give to:

  • Dad
  • Baby and toddler
  • Nephews and nieces
  • Other single relatives
  • Office co-workers
  • Single friends
  • Guards and regular workers at the condo (not as a bribe, mind you but merely because its nice to spread the New Year cheer around. We cannot stand those who give "kopi" money for a license to park at unusual places)
  • The neighbour's kids
  • Any other kids of friends we happen to bump into
  • The good people behind the lion dance masks *

* Now this one reminds me of last year. We took toddler to watch a lion dance at a temple and when we saw all the kids rushing to shake hands with the lion, we being kiasu parents also rushed toddler to shake hands with the "lion". Toddler got rewarded with a mandarin orange or "kum" (meaning gold) from the " lion's" mouth. It was only after the event that we noticed that all the other kiasu parents gave angpows to their kids to pass to the lion. Oops! What a blunder. Must give angpow one ah. So malu. Did not know. This year will allocate some for that. What do to? We are still new to this giving out angpow thing. Have been receiving them for years, now must give handouts, not used to it yet.


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