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Monday, January 03, 2005

Its The Little Things........

Its only the 3rd day of the year and already my "To Do List" is a mile long. I have several official letters requiring me to collect/return/submit this and that by xxx date. To settle some of this stuff, I have to drive to unfamiliar office buildings, take a number, stand in queue, drive round and round in search of parking etc. Its bad enough having to do all these but to do them dragging a baby and a toddler along is *roll eyes, shakes head* (MG is a a loss for words).

We've also got bills to pay, shopping and other things to settle to prepare for Chinese New Year as well as a need to schedule doctor's appointment for baby's immunization. I've also got to make an appointment for my own chronic hives and nose problems but that will have to wait.

Its the little things in life that gets to us. Hubby and I have a system of paying bills, filing up our paperwork and settling everything else that comes our way as soon as it is practical before it snowballs and overwhelms us. We try to do this in order to live a low stress life. Besides, we hate having that nagging 'unfinished business' feeling.

If we let those little things accumulate, if we do not have a proper system to settle them or if we slack in our system or worse still misplace or forget, very soon we would find that the little things have become a new and different problem requiring our attention. Fines may need to be paid, stuff reactivated, phone calls to make and official letters to write. So we try not to let them get to that stage.

As parents of a baby and a toddler life is hectic and it can be stressful if we allow it to be. So MG must remind herself to:

  • pay bills online as soon as they arrive
  • file up bills immediately after paying
  • handle any new matters that crop up as soon as possible ie in other words "do not procrastinate"
  • be happy about how much we've accomplished instead of worrying about how much more needs to be done

Actually, I am the one who is very poor at doing this. In our relationship, hubby is the one with the system for everything. I'm the sloppy, forgetful one, the kind who would let all the paperwork accumulate by stuffing them somewhere and then lose them because I've forgotten where I stuffed them, the kind who once could not get out of a building carpark because she totally ran out of money in her wallet! I'm usually distracted, dreamy and find it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. Yikes!

Ok, enough blogging. Time for me to get my butt of this chair and work on those "to do list". (Actually, I've settled some important stuff this morning and is feeling proud and happy and ready to tackle more!)


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