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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Precious Moments

Last night toddler was playfully throwing her head back and forth on the pillows (after being banned from hopping and jumping on the bed) and she threw her head right back onto baby's face and cheeks. Of course baby let out a loud yell and started to cry. Toddler was promptly chided and started to cry as well. Toddler went to daddy for comfort and was told off again so there was more crying. Sometimes my house can be rather noisy.

I was thinking to myself. Hmm.... hope that won't cause some jealousies as in toddler's eyes she must surely see daddy and mummy as being more protective over baby than her but cannot be helped, when it comes to safety, she must be taught well.

After that it was lights off and time for bed and toddler bent over to kiss baby on his head. I asked her "Why did you kiss baby?" and she said "Not so painful." This morning when she woke up she straightaway told herself "No jumping, hopping" then she went to kiss baby on his cheeks. Precious moments are made of these.

I love to lie in bed next to toddler at night and we chat about her day just before she falls asleep. Previously I would sing songs and tell her stories but now that she is older and can talk a little bit more I would tell her a story about herself in addition to the her other stories. She would tell me all sorts of things and show off her new vocab which never fails to surprise me. Its a wonder what goes on in that little head. Sometimes, just before she falls asleep she would sit up and tell me something totally unexpected that she has been thinking about. These to me are precious moments, so special I must record it for retelling to my babies when they are adults.

Other precious moments:

Toddler comes and rubs and pats my chest when I burb. (She must have observed me burping baby)

Toddler strokes my hair and mumbles absentmindedly to herself (So funny and heartwarming)

Baby smiles, laughs and wriggles his hands and legs excitedly when he sees me approaching.

Gosh, I love being a mum!


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