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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Cough and Cold

MG just went to see doctor after a week of being sick and not getting any better. Breastfeeding mums or at least this one is a bit fussy when seeing doctor.

MG: Doctor. I'm breastfeeding, please prescribe safe meds for breastfeeding.
Doc: Ok, I won't give you any antibiotics (busy writing prescriptions).
MG: Doctor, please don't give me anything that will make me feel drowsy. I'm looking after a baby and toddler myself with no help. I don't want to accidentally fall asleep. Its dangerous to leave a baby and a toddler unsupervised.
Doc: Ok but the cough medicine will make you sleepy. You just take less of it.

All in all, got prescribed 6 types of medicine ie for flu, cough, gargle, something for the throat, a painkiller and a nosedrop. Costs RM48.00. "Aiyoyo, pokkai lah like dat. Cannot buy that red Chinese New Year blouse.........."

At night MG felt very relaxed, like on cloud 9. Mr MG spoke to MG but he sounds very far away and a bit dreamy "Hon........hoooow...caaaan.....I.....heeeellllp......yoooouuuu." MG looks at him with a blank stare trying to focus on what he is saying. Baby is crying and toddler whining right next to MG but MG is still calm and smiling. MG feeling better already after seeing doctor? Nyah! MG just high on cough medicine that is all. I hate this drowsy, groggy, blurred and heavy head feeling. Hmm.... better take the cough medicine in the evenings only, when Mr MG is around.


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