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Monday, January 10, 2005

Birthday Gift

Mr MG's birthday is coming soon. It usually falls just before Chinese New Year. This puts me in a small dilemma. "What" to buy? (According to Mr MG, my favourite words start with "B" eg "buy", "blog"....). Sorry I tend to digress. My thoughts are always fleeting here and there. Come to think of it "When" to buy is also another problem.

Back to my dilemma. Now, one of the more challenging parts of becoming a SAHM and SAHW is after 20 years of independance, having own car, own apartment and own money suddenly I am back to being a little girl again receiving pocket money. It takes a little bit of getting used to. And what on earth do you get as a gift for your errr.... financier?

Imagine if you will these scenarios:

Scene 1

MG: Darling, I think I need some extra cash.
Mr MG: Sure hon, what for?
MG: Errr... to buy your birthday present?
Mr MG: Oh! Err... he he. No need lah.... (grins sheepishly)

Scene 2

MG goes ahead and buys the gift and charge to her personal credit card (which Mr MG, the financier helps to pay). When the bill arrives...

Mr MG: Hon, whats this item for? Not questioning you, just wandering.
MG : Its for your birthday present.
Mr MG: Huh? So cheap one ah! (teasing MG)

Hmmm... since neither one of these scenarios is very appealing, I think I will settle for the standard store bought (no time to bake) chocolate cake (Mr MG's favourite), cook a dinner of chicken chop, give foot massage and maybe buy a marvel comic book or two (cheap, cheap, can afford!)

Luckily, Mr MG's love language is not "Receiving Gifts" but rather "Acts of Service" so that should be just right.


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