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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Precious Moments II

About a week ago, I wrote about the precious moments my children give me that I want to record down here on my online diary for keepsakes. Well.... since then, I've been..

  • shit on
  • pissed on
  • spit on
  • kicked in the stomach (accidentally - bagi chance lah)
  • scratched by little finger nails that I've not trimmed for only a couple of days
  • woken up from sleep countless of times each time I doze off. (kinda like a sleep deprivation torture)
  • punched in the jaw (or feels that way) by a little colliding head
  • shouted at by toddler "mum.....mmy want orange joooocee, want vibeena (ribena)"
  • screamed at by baby "waaa.........hh...... waaa...hhhhh" with his pleading and 'you just can't resist but have to pick me up look.'
  • bitten while breastfeeding (Ouch!!!!)

Oh Gosh! I just love being a mum!


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