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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Stalker

I recently found out that I am a stalker, a parking lot stalker that is. According to this article on parking lot personalities or behaviour, I am a mall parking lot stalker, "the most predatory, slowly following shoppers leaving the store back to their parking spot." According to the write-up, this is one of the methods that can lead to potential stresses and conflicts. Oops! Annoying yes, this MG. The other methods that can cause a lot of stress are quoting from the article: "Search and destroyers who roam the aisles, cruising endlessly for the perfect spot" and the "Lay and wait parkers who position themselves at the end of an aisle and wait for a space to open up in what they start to believe is their territory."

Lucky for us, Mr MG is a "see it and take it" parking personality whereby quoting from the article its "the favored method is to see it and take it, where shoppers don't care how far they have to walk. .... it's less stressful and helps drivers save the most time." I must add that it also helps to burn calories since if you are not getting enough exercise like Mr & Mrs MG you are advised to park as far as you can and walk. Usually we can find a car park more easily that way too.

Recently when we were getting out of a shopping mall carpark, another 'stalker' made a hand and head gesture to us to find out where our car was parked as we were heading towards it. We waved our hands to the general direction of our car park and the driver quickly stalked us. When we arrived at the carpark there was a 'search and destroyer' there ready and waiting for us to load our pram and groceries into the boot and for Mr MG to push the shopping cart to where it was supposed to belong. (Hey we're civic conscious folks. Shopping carts are not supposed to be abandoned by the side.) Don't know what happened between the two drivers after that because we left them there to fight it out. They must have been fuming, having a hard time looking for a car park and having to wait for us to be do our civic duty. He he. (*sadistic grin*)

With the Deepavali, Hari Raya, Christmas, New Year and "back to school" rush behind us, we are now headed for the Hari Raya Haji and Chinese New Year rush. Oh how I hate rushing around especially the traffic jams not to mention the parking and people jam. I shall try to remember the tips from the article and adopt the "see it and take it" method. The last thing I want is to meet up with a road bully! MG is "kiasi" (afraid of dying).

Happy parking everyone!


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