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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Make a Wish

I feel like having some Yee Sang, after seeing Narrowband's "ta pau" (takeaway) Yee Sang photo.

Tossing Yee Sang is equivalent to closing one's eyes and making a wish before blowing the candles on your birthday cake. Only you have to toss the Yee Sang higher and higher for a better chance for your wish to materialise.

I remember one year after the Asian Crisis, our family was having Yee Sang during CNY and we all got carried away with our wishes as we tossed the Yee Sang higher and higher.

"Sales up!" (says businessman brother-in-law)
"Business pick up!" (said another businessman brother-in-law)
"Economy up!" (said those who were employed)
"Stock-market up!" (said MG, then in the stockbroking industry)
"Results and marks up!" (said the students nephews and nieces)
"Everything go up but my blood pressure don't go up!" (said dad and everyone burst into laughter).

Ooh la la! Such fun. I can't wait for Chinese New Year!


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