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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Mumbo Jumbo

"Annow........uno.......kudos......cut fingernails.........anyway"
"Annow.......uno.......kudos.....sleep all night.........anyway"

MG trying to cast a magic spell? or perhaps trying to make a magic potion to get better from her cough and cold? Nyah!

That was just toddler reading her bedtime storybooks by herself because MG lost her voice so cannot read to her. Told her to read herself. So she sat there turning the pages and pointing to the words and read her mumbo jumbo mixed with words she knows. The "cut fingernails' was because we trimmed her nails in the afternoon and the "sleep all night", (I don't where that came from) but "sleep" because she was reading Sleeping Beauty.

I never bother to correct toddler's mispronounciations because they sound so cute. She will eventually learn the right words. Previously she used to call her teddy bears "dare-dare". Now they're just plain "bear". She still calls her favourite "Hello Kitty" toys "pupucat" and I love the sound of it. Toddlers are so cute. Who says they are the terrible twos? Ok, they do have their tantrums but if one foccusses too much on that and forget to enjoy this wonderful stage of their development then you will miss out this wonderful time.


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