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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Power Failure

Had a little power failure earlier on. Bleargh...! (Luckily not in the middle of a post or else @#$#!#@!)

SMS Mr MG and made a few phone calls. Found out that the power failure was not localised in my area but in various parts of KL and PJ too. Hmm....this one might last a while. (thinks to herself). It was almost lunchtime, poor baby sweats till whatever little hair he has is plastered to his head. (They have such a high metabolistic rate and gets heated up very quickly) Toddler is having fun because mummy is going around opening all the windows and doors as she tags happily along.

Went to the kitchen to heat lunch on the microwave. *slaps forhead* No electricity, nevermind can use the gas stove. Set everything up for steaming but then remembered that the stove has to be ignited by an electrical spark and there wasn't a single match in the house..... Aaargh!

Reminds me of those good ole days studying and eating by candlelight in Kuantan when we had frequent power faillures then. These days, feel totally lost when there's not electricity. No aircond, fan, tv, pc. Want to spend more time with your family? Just switch off the mains.

Read more about the power failure from The Star here and here.


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