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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Big Bad Sis

"Baby, touch that decoration."

"Baby go there."

"Baby shake this."

"Baby, come and play with the curtain."

"Baby. Hammer this. Baby, you must hammer! Hammer your own car!" (They each have their own toy hammer to errr... release pent up energy.)

My Girl is often encouraging the baby (her little scapegoat) to do things that she wants to try out but is afraid to or things that she knows she is not supposed to....and when mummy says "Hey! You two don't play with that!" she goes *PIAK!* ie hits the baby and says "Baby! Cannot! Mummy say cannot!"

This morning, I caught her telling baby ........ "Baby, put your leg inside" ie inside a small toy box that she has..... and when mummy says "Aw c'mon stop teaching your baby brother all the wrong things." she went "Baby, come baby, lets run away before mummy scold me." Aiyoh! That girl ah! (*shakes head*) dunno whether to laugh or cry.


  1. Hey, exactly same with my girls la..the elder always teach the youngest what to do!

  2. Hahahah...so cute leh, your girl! LOL

  3. LOL. This one really very bad... LOL

  4. wahceh! your girl sooo clever. mine pulak terbalik. the baby will bully the elder Suzanne! alamak!

  5. Frequently used words I say to my son: Don't, Cannot, No

  6. jesslyn, teach good things nevermind...

    blurblur, getting naughty tho.

    jason, bad hor?

    belacan, in your pics, they look that way too.

    egghead, ahaha, you and J must be starting to use those words a lot too, thats why. hehe.

  7. wahh...macam making the lil brother guinea pig..smack smack hehehe

  8. Sure reminds me of the comic Baby Blues in the paper with Zoey, Hammie & Wren.

  9. maria, ya lor, I was told that usually the second born will be the cunning one but not in this case.

    jazzmint, she also loves to catch her baby brother doing the wrong things and tell me to "beat beat" him but it helps becos that means she is being extra eyes for me to watch over baby. lol.

    a&a'smom, ya kah? I don't follow the Baby Blues comic. Must start to. I think Lian posted up the website somewhere.

  10. Ooo, like that also can ah?
    Hmm, my boy hasn't done that, or at least, just yet. On the other hand, he will immediately inform me if his bro is doing what he should not be doing..

    Once, I was stuck. He came and pulled out my lil one's thumb out from his mouth, when he was trying to sleep. He said bro putting hand in the mouth, which is something he cannot do.. But, little one had to suck his thumb to sleep.. How to explain to him? :P

  11. bad and smart at the same time. hehe

  12. Hehe..Such a smart girl. She knows where to fine a scapegoat when she needed one.

  13. smart to use brother to test her bounderies.

  14. hahaha..in a way...big sister is quite smart!

  15. so clever...learn the manipulating skill at such young age already...

  16. geetha, mine gets satisfaction from seeing little baby brother punished, I think, and thats why she acts as an informant and thats also probably why she "sets him up" as well. hahaha.

    crazygrrl, and she's not even 4 yet!

    sabrina, but kesian little baby brother loh.

    ricket, Hi. So well put. Thats exactly why she's doing it.

    mom2ashley, too smart!

    5xmom, How'd you know? (*puzzled*)

    two little fellas, yah so talkative and cunning but painfully shy. If you just met her, you wouldn't know. Why, my sis came to visit earlier and she hid under the study room table for the first 20 minutes. alamak!

  17. Aiyo.. so naughty huh your little girl.. but so clever to make your little boy as the scape goat!

    smart jie jie.

  18. zara's mama,
    so far the little one hasn't tried to get back at her. always kena bully. :P


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