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Friday, February 17, 2006

Super Glue

"Nothing you could say
Could tear me away from my mom,
Nothing you could do
cause I'm stuck like glue to my mom

I'm sticking to my mom like a stamp to a letter
Like birds of a feather, we stick together
I'm tellin' you from the start
I can't be torn apart from my mom"

Lyrics Above: Borrowed from the Song "My Guy" by Diana Ross

SuperGlue: I've got two of those strong stuff at home... in the form of a sweet little girl and a mischievious little boy who follow me around all day. My two precious kids are like super glue. They are stuck to me all day long ie they're very, very clingy. No one else will do, not even daddy, not to mention a stranger or a relative. Poor daddy often (though not all the time, luckily) gets rejected by the little ones, shaking their heads vigorously and running away from him or crying really, really hard and trying to reach out to me when he tries to carry them. They would not let him carry them even when he's seating right beside me. (*rolls eyes*)

Their daddy says its my fault they are this way. He says I have the unfair advantage of being with them all day. Grrr.... You think its fun meh? Now I just wish they'd stick to him for once, so that I'd get to eat my meal slowly, read the papers silently without anyone stomping on the pages or go to the toilet without interuptions.

Sometimes they are not even satisfied with me sitting right beside them while they are playing or watching a vcd. They'd insist on sitting on my lap and push at each other to get to the favoured position. I wonder when they'll outgrow this clingy or separation anxiety age? Hmmm... I suppose I should just enjoy it for before I know it, they'd be rejecting me for their own friends instead.


  1. I guess Mr MG just needs to spend more time alone with them without you at sight... it works for me :)

  2. Hey how come eventhough I'm stuck with them whole day but they r not so sticky ? When daddy is back from work (long hours) my boys will be stuck to DH like glue. I always thought since I'm home all the time (to cater to all their needs), they take me for granted!

  3. If me was not within my girls eyesight, they'll happily play with daddy, once see me, then start to stick to me..*sigh*...got to hide some where if i want to do my own thing!

  4. How about going out gai-gai? Still stick to mummy like glue?

    My girl stick to me and reject her daddy when we pick her up from nanny's house in the evening but when going gai-gai she will follow her daddy! *Relief*

  5. egghead, he does....but when they see me........

    a&a'smom, lol. haha either way, we wonder..

    jesslyn, my favourite hiding places are the toilet and kitchen but I always get found out.

    jefferene, usually when gai-gai its ok (my favourite activity is leaving the kids with hubby at the bookshop while I browse around on my own) but these days my boy getting more and more sticky especially when he's not feeling well.

  6. My girl used to be a real sticky tape. Now she is sticking very much to daddy. Sometime will choose daddy over me!

  7. my girls also the same...i really cannot tahan the lap thing...especially in the car...sometimes i will go behind the wheel instead. then they have no choice but to sit with daddy. peaceful!

  8. congrate! you also have a pair of twins like me, and even better, a girla nd a boy hahaha....

  9. Aiyoh..! my chloe the same way lah..!! headache lah.. sometimes..!!

  10. mummy will always be mummy
    but when they get older, they will have their own friends and slowly they wont want us anymore....

  11. contented mum, "sometimes" is the keyword. sounds good to me, a healthy balance you've got there. :)

    miche, driving is easier yah?

    maria, ya lor.

    mama bok, enjoy while we can yah?

    siao cha bor, sob sob. better cherish the moment now. Just this morning, my girl took her favourite foam numbers, put two of them together, made smacking sounds, and said "look mummy, that's me kissing and hugging you." than she put her head on my shoulder and hugged me like very manja like that. Next time she will be imagining kissing someone else pulak, not mummy!

  12. Oh yes, the best seat on the house is always ON mommy and not NEXT to mommy. Sometimes my lap feels like a wrestling mat instead.
    Good luck with your "extensions". Been there and still there.

  13. my elder son is a daddy's boy and younger son a mummy's boy...and they show their affection very obviously.

    sometime, hub and I try to swap places to even out the favoritism but no success story as yet...

  14. Aah.. enjoy it while you can.. Soon enough, even if you put the real super glue on them, they don't want to be that close to you..

    When they have their own friends.. and later their own family..
    But that's a long way more.

  15. lian, ON mummy is definitely the best. :)

    two little fellas, hehe. thats cute.

    zara's mama, by that time maybe they'll think we're trying to be superglue instead.

  16. OH...I am reexperiencing my super glue son agian. Ever since CNY, he had been a super glue to me.

    Before going to work every morning, he has to cope with the fear of not seeing me again. Oh..poor boy!

    I hope he could grow out of that soon.

  17. allyfeel, poor boy. I'm sure you also sakit hati in the morning. ;)


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