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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Funny Things My Girl Says

"Mummy, why are you cycling so slowly? Can you cycle faster than slow?" - This she says to me when I am on my exercise bike dreaming instead of cycling. Hehe.

"Mummy, is the rain heavy? Mummy is it drizzling now? Can I wear my hood? Mummy, I wanna wear my hood. Faster! The rain will stop soon." - This one is because we told her she can wear her hand-me-down jacket with a hood only when it drizzles, so its the only time she rushes us instead of us rushing her to leave the house.

"Mummy, the roof got rain (the roof is wet). Mummy the rain want to eat up the roof.... but the rain got no face..... the rain got only line, line." - This one must be due to her overactive imagination. :)

"Mummy, I smell the hotel!" - This one said in amazement, wonder and delight, when kiasu mummy used leftover hotel hair conditioner. hehehe.

"Mummy, the tissue box say it likes to wear this clothes. Its very pretty." - This one when I tried to remove the silk tissue box holder after Chinese New Year.


  1. children with their wonderful imaginations never ceased to amaze us :)

  2. MG, the choice of words your girl use, she could talk so well already. And it's good that her imagination run so wild. :P We adults seem to lack many of those.

  3. Funny, but brainy I think..
    Very good lah..

  4. these are what make you smile :) right?

  5. egghead, yah, they're much more imaginative than we aren't they?

    allyfeel, I haven't taught her any dialects yet though, bad mommy.

    geetha, :)

    dg, :)

  6. she is so funny and so full of tricks- very smart girl!

  7. So cute. Children are really smart. They can really imagine things and describe it.

  8. hahaha. this reminds me of a conversation I overheard from a little girl.... "I smell mummy". I realise that one lady was wearing the same type of perfume that her mummy usually wears.

  9. haha...kids always tell the true ahh..broke mommy secret liao...cute ahh

  10. two little fellas, full of tricks, yes that too, later on I'll post about how she tries to trick her little brother.

    sabrina, sometimes its a way of helping them cope with the "big bad world".

    baby smooches, :) thats very sweet indeed.

    msau, ya lor. (*blush blush*)

  11. kids are the No.1 psychologists... and emotional manipulators, bwahahaha!

  12. Lol, I like the 'I smell the Hotel"

  13. hehe ur girl so cute lerr...like talking on behalf of the things :).....

    wah pressure u somemore to cycle faster...very good motivation hehehe

  14. belachan, they certainly are and you should know very well what, you got two at home, sumore of the female variety. kekekeke.

    a&a'smom, yah and the look on the face when she said it is priceless.

    jazzmint, ya hor. very good motivation indeed.

  15. very good imagination she has there!! Sooo cute!

  16. zara's mama, the little one's are really very imaginative aren't they?


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