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Friday, February 24, 2006

MG recommends childrens' sites

Previously I've written about my toddler's favourite folder. Well, she's a pre-schooler now and her favourite folder has expanded. I've put them all on a webpage so that we can easily access them and so that I don't have to search for them all over again as I had to do once when my PC kaput.

These are wonderful sites for children to learn and have fun while learning. They are toddler tested by my girl personally. Ahem! So I'd like to share the link here with other moms and dads with little ones at home. You can try them out with your kids. They will love it. I'm too lazy to write a review on each of the site. Just clink on the links and test it out yourself lah! Hehehe. And if you have an interesting link that your child loves, please, please do share the link with me on my comments page. Thank you!

So, here's the link. My Girl's Favourite Web Sites for fun and learning.


  1. great! now I just have to wait a few more years when my son learn not to slam on the keyboard :)

    thanks for the links! really save me lots of time :)

  2. eggheads,
    well there are some simple games specially for banging on the keyboard but please don't come after me if your keyboard rosak. :P

    You're most welcome! I love to share.

  3. Thanks for sharing.. definitely will be helpfull for Zara.

  4. Thanks for the link, same me time browsing round.

  5. zara's mama, contented mum,
    Glad y'all find the links useful too. Hey! How come nobody share links with me? I think I must start charging some fee for all that hard work of surfing for those sites! haha.

  6. thanks for sharing. appreciate it...
    the reason why we are not sharing is most prob becoz, we have none- that is for me at least...but if i discover any good links, i will give you a holler first thing first-yeah

  7. Thank you so much! Muakmuakmuak! now I no need to scratching head what CD to buy for them hahaha....

  8. two little fellas, okay :)

    maria, most of the games, stories and songs are interactive and wery nice. You really don't need to waste money on buying CDs so you can pay me instead. muahahahaha.

  9. Hey MG, thanks for sharing. When I first started reading your blog almost 8 months ago, I spotted the sesame street site, keyboard o rama, on ur blog. I showed my son, he loves it, still do. He could mimic a lot of words from Elmo now. :)

  10. allyfeel,
    Glad you found it useful. My Girl learned her ABCs from Elmo's Keyboard O Rama. Saved me the trouble. Hahaha. Theres a link in there called "Cbeebies Something Special" under "Music and Songs." The Weather Song and Old McDonald Song is interactive and fun!


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