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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Free Kisses and Hugs

Baby is very generous with his kisses now. He loves the Barney "I love You" song and will sing along "Eee Ahh Eeee" ("I Love You"). Sometimes he simply comes up to me and says "Eeee Ahhh Eee" than gives me a hug and a kiss. Hahaha. Thats one affectionate little boy. It is really endearing the way he likes to run up to me than hold me very tightly in his little arms. (Mr MG has a thing or two to learn from baby. Hehehe.) His current favourite word is "Up! Up! Up!" ie "Carry me please!"

My Girl is very affectionate too. She loves to smile at me, hug me and kiss me. She loves to play with her foam numbers in bed. Number 3 is her favourite since she is 3 years old. I told her she will be 4 years old this year so she took No. 3 and No. 4 to bed with her. In the morning when she awoke, she put No. 3 and No. 4 together facing each other, made smacking sounds and said "Look! Thas me kissing you, mummy!" Then she puts her No. 3 and No. 4. together side by side and said "Look! I'm hugging mummy." than she gives me the sweetest smile, comes and puts her head on my shoulder and gives me several kisses.

Ooh! I just love those moments! Muaks! My babies. Smackeroos! Mummy loves you both so very much!


  1. Girl very manja to mummy wan hor? Now I hv 2 girls, u can imagine how many kisses i get daily..:P

  2. Awwww...they're so sweet..:))

    My boy is very "kiam siap" with his kisses and hugs..i have to "talk terms" to "earn" my kisses and hugs...:x

  3. Awww, so sweet..

    Good for them to express their love from young.. if not, when they are bigger, especially boys, they might be shy..

    My boys also love to kiss.. the 2nd one gives me a wet one :P

  4. so nice!!
    that's the best return a mother could get!!

  5. jesslyn, wah shiok lah you. ;)

    blurblur, lol. got to talk terms first ah?

    geetha, yah they all seem to "outgrow" these open gestures of affections don't they?

    egghead, aha. its the best reward there is.

    jefferene, :)

  6. lovey-dovey :D...

    eh, you and my girls going to kiddy next year lor wor.

  7. I mean your girl and my girls LOL...

  8. Oh so sweet..
    Btw, you shower them with lots of affection too? I believe kids who grow up in a loving and affectionate environment, tend to be more loving and affectionate too.

  9. They melt our hearts so easily.. donch they.. MG..??

  10. haiii..you have just spoken out my heart ...love those kisses too...dunno' how long it will last..

  11. maria, I'm looking forward to going to kindy next year. Hahaha.

    zara's mama, its not hard to shower them with affectionate.

    mom2ashley, :)

    mamabok, they sure do. (*knees turn to jelly, melting*)

    two little fellas, you are right! Not sure how long it will last.

  12. it is so worth it bring them into the world ya...all the labor, birth pain and whatever pain and heartache gone :D

  13. miche, yes, most definitely worth it!

  14. Muaks...looking at that animation huggy, I feel like hugging as well. :)

    My heart melt too if bb is to come to my face and kiss my nose n mouth. :D

  15. allyfeel,
    If you have speakers on, clicking on the play button on the player will give you my children's favourite lullaby. The love to hum along with it.


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