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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"I want to do it myself!"

My Girl is at the stage where she wants to do everything by herself.

"I want to wear the shoes myself!"

"I want to give you the cup!"

"I want to turn off the tap myself!"

"I want to do it myself!"

These are some of the stuff I get to hear everyday.

The most prevalent one is the wearing of shoes by herself and insisting that she gives me her finished milk bottle at the kitchen sink (and nowhere else) and insisting that I say "Oh! Thank you!" when she does.

Now if she doesn't get to do any of those things by herself, she'd throw a tantrum. Aiyoh! Really headache! Especially when we are in a hurry to go out. We'd wear her socks and shoes for her and she'd remove them again just so she could wear them by herself thereby delaying us even further. I try to give her opportunities to do things by herself and when I remember, I'd let her start wearing her shoes 1/2 hour before leaving the house.

We show her how to wear her shoes and socks correctly and she often asks "Is it ok?" or she'd asked for help when she can't manage so I guess we should remember to exercise more patience with her. Still..... sometimes..... really cannot tahan when she throws her tantrum and tries to undo things that have been done to redo them again by herself.

I suppose its just another passing phase in the life of a little one who's growing up very quickly.


  1. me and wife are still waiting for my son to say "I wanna sleep by myself!" :(

  2. I like the part where she would undo it to redo it. Funny. :P

  3. so cute...i guess she slowly wants to be independant...

  4. wait till she tells you she wants to buy a valentines present for her boyfriend....i encountered this, this valentines

  5. You are so patience, can wait for her half an hour to wear shoes.:)

    Sometimes, I have to wait for my girl to finish feeding herself and I just couldn't stop my self from mumbling to her "faster lah, faster lah!" :P

  6. egghead, you slooooowwwly wait hor. kekeke.

    jason, its not very funny any longer when its done everytime, especially when you're in a rush.

    mom2ashley, yah they want to be independant and will be very happy when we praise them for their efforts.

    siao char bor, and she's only 7. They start young now don't they?

    jefferene, no, I'm impatient. I give her 1/2 hour to wear herself when I remember while I do other things and when it comes to feeding, worse still, I end up feeding myself cos I cannot wait and even when feeding, if they're slow, I end up stuffing the food in my own mouth to speed up the process! Terrible huh?

  7. i think u gotta tell her like 1hr earlier before u plan to go out so that she can finish her DIY chores faster and won't delay u kekeke...

    it's so nice to see them growing up thru all these phases rite :)

  8. come to the bossy stage?
    nvm, do herself better than ask you to do everything for her.
    my girls want to do herself, I glad to intruct, the earlier they learn, more relax I will be.

  9. jazzmint, well, making her wear her shoes 1/2 before going out helps.

    maria, hey! thanks. I haven't thought about it from that angle before.

  10. haha little missy is learning to be very independent now. Good start!

    Bb is telling us to "go away and stand there* if he wants to do things on his own too. :P


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