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Friday, February 24, 2006

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

One morning, I overheard My Girl "reading" her favourite book to herself ie "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." This is her version of the story....

"Once upon a time there were three bears. They were very happy........... Then Goldilocks said to Mother Bear.. "I don't like your porridge!" (Hahaha. Maybe she's trying to tell me something here.)......Then Baby bear said to Goldilocks... "Go away, Goldilocks! Don't sleep on my bed! Or I beat beat you! I throw you out the window!" (My Girl is very territorial and does not allow anyone to sleep on her side of the bed accept herself!)...... "Mummy says its 9 o'clock. Its time to go to bed." (Since she was "reading" about beds, I think it reminded her about her own mummy telling her to go to bed.) The three bears said to Goldilocks..."This is our house. Go and find your own house!" (Being territorial again) ....... When Goldilocks saw the three bears, she ran down the stairs but cannot hold the side. (Dunno whats that all about. Later I asked her and she told me it was because Goldilocks was running and thats why she could not hold the side of the stairs. She also laughed very hard at her own version of the story when I repeated it to her.)

Now in the actual version, Goldilocks never met the three bears till the end of the story but in her version, Goldilocks has a few conversations with the bears. Hahaha. My Girl is really funny. I love to "listen" to her pretending to read her books. My boy is starting to pretend to read now too just as she did once not too long ago... by turning the pages, pointing and babbling. They're soooo adorable.


  1. can I hire your girl to babysit my son and read stories to him? my not-so-creative mind cannot come up with stories anymore :)

  2. Your girl is very imaginative! She speak so well and so expressive! Only 3 years old right?

    Hmmm, I wish I can be SAHM!!!

  3. Wow, she's very imaginative!! And her speech is very well-developed!

    Damien is plain lazy, he would just flip the pages and named the prominent objects he saw then close the book and tell me: "finished! Done!" followed by his cheeky smile..;x

  4. mg, your girl is starting young. Maybe she'll be a famous writer / story-teller one day!

  5. egghead,
    the BBC Story Circle link in my next post has very nice animated stories to save you the trouble of storytelling. hahaha.

    she will be 4 come this May.

    but then she only speaks English becos bad mommy never teach her hokkien and bad mommy dunno any Mandarin. :(

    hehehe. who knows right?

  6. This is sooo very cute! It's good that you record it down!! Later you can compare your boy's version. Wonder if it'll come with trucks and guns. :P

  7. Ahaks... Funny. Maybe she can write her kids story when she grow older and then pass down and down and down...

  8. zara's mama,
    yah, its good to record it down for a good laugh and read when I'm old and grey.

    hmm.. yes, should encourage her to write her own stories when she learns to write. :)

  9. she is very imaginative and her diction is good.

    prob she can read bedtime stories to mummy and daddy instead...i'm so impressed!

  10. Your daughter can sit still listen to story? can she can tell? so good. I wish mine wouldn't run away everytime I try to tell story *sigh*...

  11. My daughter also speaks only English, and now since starting std 1, a bit of mandarin. She doesn't understand hokkien nor cantonese, so when relatives are around, they are surprised she can't understand them. I hate it when they make remarks on why she doesn't understand her mother tongue and I hate explaning why. How would you deal with that?

  12. two little fellas, she can't read very much yet but she likes to pretend to read so whenever I'm too tired to read, I'd ask her to "read yourself".

    maria, yah, she loves to listen and to tell stories as well.

    kat, unfortunately I don't have any relatives to remind me to teach the kids their mother tongue for all of my nephews and nieces aged 10 - 19 don't speak it. really a sad thing, so afraid don't have any useful things to share with you on that.

  13. So, so cute.. very imaginative too.
    You must record it lah. Later she laugh over it herself too.

    I wonder what my boy will come up with, as I myself will change the storyline to captivate my boys.. :)

  14. geetha, I don't have a tape recorder! :(


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