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Friday, February 10, 2006

Surprise, surprise!

This year we went back to Penang on the 2nd day of CNY. It was hubby's surprise for the family. He said "Hon, why don't you try to book a hotel room in Penang and we'll drive back with the kids." And so, we rang the hotel one day before our departure and managed to get ourselves a room despite the full bookings. Yip yip hurrah! Muaks! (to hubby).

My Girl was very excited about the trip. She woke up at 4am on the morning and could not go back to sleep. So we gave her some milk, woke baby and was out of the house before 6am. Baby woke up enough to walk himself to the car in his pyjamas but went back to sleep promptly as soon as the car started moving and he slept on for the first 2 hours of the journey. Hehe. My Girl on the other hand was too excited to sleep. She chatted most of the way. "Why is it so dark?" "Why is it so far?" etc etc.

We arrived at 10.30am and went straight to the old house. Dad and aunties were most surprised to see us. Heh heh! Its nice to surprise people. Later bros and sis and their families came over as well.

2nd Auntie is as amazing as ever. She is extremely hospital and never fail to make anyone feel welcome. I am simply amazed at how she can entertain and cook for so many all day long at her age, mid 60s. She even made lunch for the lion dance troop coz her hubby is one of them. So every year we have a special performance at our place. Nice. While the lion dance troop ate their lunch, we messed around with their "equipment" of drums, cymbals and lion dance costume. Everyone had a good laugh.

Later on around 3pm, we went to check in at the hotel. The kids were still too excited to sleep. So we merely rested for a while before taking them out again, to see aunties and dad, went out for Penang hawker food, jalan-jalan at Gurney drive and went to the supermarket to stock up our mini fridge, kiasu M'sian style (The mini fridge at the hotel was empty anyway for that purpose so says a little signboard on it.)

By the time we were done, we had on our hands, two overly stimulated kiddoes, screaming all the way back to the hotel and falling asleep halfway through. Hahaha. It was such a long day for the little ones. A little bit too much excitement for them.

We were supposed to check out the next day, to drive back the next day but thinking that it was much too tiring to do that and having too much fun to leave so soon, we decided to see if we could extend our stay in the fully booked hotel. Unfortunately, it remained fully booked.

Hmm.. this post is getting long. I'll continue later about the next day.


  1. lady luck is with you.. can get a room even on peak season!

    Kids seem estatic huh with the trip!

  2. Gong Xi Fa Chai MG!

    That sounds like a fun CNY trip and gathering. Baby is getting big already huh, can walk himself to the car olredi.

  3. egghead, in this hot weather need to be cool mah.

    zara's mama, I think there's always room for last minute walk-in guests due to some last minute cancellations, I suppose.

    allyfeel, ya lor, baby growing up very quickly. Can hardly call him a baby any longer.

  4. Lucky you .. MG..! hubby so very understanding..!
    Glad you had a good time.. visiting your family.. :)

  5. mama bok, this is the first time I'm visiting after quite a long time so it was extra nice. :)


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