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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Mummy, Happy....Happy....Happy."

This is my girl's favourite phrase. She uses it in the following circumstances:

  • When she's afraid, for eg. when I leave her in the bedroom to sleep on her own, even if baby brother is sleeping soundly beside her. I usually sleep with them but sometimes when I'm busy, I leave them on their own for a little while. Before I leave the room, she'd say "Mummy, happy....happy...happy." and insist that I say it "Happy....happy....happy." back to her. Then she'd be satisfied and go to bed or play on her own happily, fear gone for the moment. Sometimes when I come back to the room and she's still not asleep but hiding under the blanket she'd tell me that she was afraid and thats why she was hiding under the blanket. Poor little thing but she's learning important skills of consoling herself, I feel.
  • When she knows that I'm angry or impatient with her. She'd go "Mummy, happy....happy...happy." then I'd snap back impatiently "Yah, yah, ok. ok. happy! happy! happy!" and she'd say "No, mummy. Haaappppy......haaaappppy....happpyyy." (she'd say it slowly to remind me not to be angry and insist that I repeat after her "haapppy...haapppy....haapppy" slowly in return. (That usually stops me in my track of being angry or impatient. Smart girl. Its like taking a deep breath and counting to 10) or she'd say "No, mummy. Say okay. One time only. Not. Ok. Ok. Ok!" and she usually isn't satisfied till I repeat after her "Okay" in a calm controlled voice preferably with a smile instead of snapping back impatiently OKAY!" or worse still "OKAY LAH!" to which she'd say "Not Okay LAH, mummy, just Okay."
  • When she knows that she has done something wrong eg made little baby brother cry.

Now, thats something I should learn from my girl. Whenever I feel myself getting angry, stressed or afraid, I should stop, take a deep breath and say "Happy.....happy....happy."

What about my boy? What have I got to learn from him? Well, one thing which he always does to me when I'm reading, using the computer or watching tv is come up to me, grab my face in both his little hands and turn my face to face him so that I'm staring him in the face, then put his face very near mine, give me a big smile and start babbling and pointing away. It never fails to get my attention. Hahaha. Think I should try that one out on Mr MG one day. ;)


  1. my son even created a "Happy Happy" song by himself... LOL!

  2. your girl start polishing her PR? start with mommy :D.

    my girls don't say "mommy happy." they say "mommy funny please." because funny means I will play with them, yah, I am the big old clown.

  3. You girl is very very good..
    So good with handling mummy's anger. How can you be angry like that right?

    Smart girl.

    And your boy too is cute.. such a way to get attention.

  4. Isn't that wonderful that we can also learn from my kids! Their innocent ways have a lot to teach us about loving and being happy with ourselves :)

  5. Your girl is so sweet..she's sensitive too right?

    It's really difficult to get angry with them sometimes, Damien would tell me: "Mummy,you don't angry, you say i not angry, say, say now! say slowly!" how to be angry leh?? ;p

  6. She is so sweet and definitely a smart lil girl, knows how to manipulate mommy as well. :D

  7. Got twisted around their little fingers eh? The joy of parenting ya?

  8. egghead,
    You must tape the song and play it on your blog.

    Thats cute.....Madam Clown. hahaha.

    zara's mama,
    She's teaching me patience and anger management. ;)

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes indeed.

    Your Damien sounds sensitive towards you too.

    I'm manipulated!

    Happily twisted by little fingers and arms!

  9. "Happy...happy...happy" she make a good counsellor hey? Both of your kids seems to be very good with people skills huh!

  10. wahhh...u got ur own psychiatrist in the making. :)

  11. Very good way ur little firl has to manage herself, and mummy.

    Hmmm, ur little boy's trick should work with my hubby. Sometimes, he is too engrossed to his TV.

  12. hello there!
    am new 2 ur blog.. love your stories. Cute trick they have.. i thk i should practise that too..

  13. hehe...it's like the hakuna matata phrase from lion king :)

  14. contented mum, miche,
    hehe. my very own personal counsellor and psychiatrist, not bad eh?

    lol. go try the trick when your hubby is watching tv and report your success story on the blog. haha.

    Hi there and welcome to my blog. :)
    Would you like a cup of cyber coffee or tea? hehehe.

    Oh yes, thats right but she hasn't seen the show yet tho. ;)

  15. Ah kids. They'll try your patience anytime. My dania is also like that. She's quick to point out, Ibu, don't talk like that to me, say nice and properly. You have to follow what you teach!!

    Your kids are adorable. Immensively.

  16. along,
    "You have to follow what you teach!" Hahaha. Thats classic!


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