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Friday, February 10, 2006

The next day ie the 3rd day of CNY

Continuation of Surprise. We managed to extend our stay the next day. Yippee! So we had a little time on the beach in the morning. Then it was time for some lunch with the family.

After lunch, we went to the temple to pay respects to my deceased mum. Mum thought of us before she died. She wanted to be cremated and her ashes kept there so that we need not trod on tall lalang and overgrown grass to see her. Well, mum was very thoughtful and smart indeed. Her place of rest is a tourist attraction so its always well kept and clean!

I secretly "told" mum. "Mum. Look. I brought your grandchildren to see you. You don't have to worry about me anymore. Now I have a good husband and a little family to love." Hubby secretly "told" mum. "Thank you for a good wife." It didn't remain a secret for long coz we told each other soon after. Hehehe. Thats the closest to a declaration of love I will get from hubby. So I shall treasure it in my heart always. Now thats my little Valentine message. Cos I'm sure not going to get anything from him then. Neither will he get anything from me. Hahaha. (I rmember one year we went grocery shopping at a mall and our bill exceeded a certain amout so I could go and collect some free rose from the counter and I teased him about how I had to even go and collect my own rose cos he didn't bother to get it for me.)

We spent too much time driving around cos there was traffic jam everywhere. At night we did manage to jalan-jalan around the bazaar outside the hotel to buy some souverneirs for friends. We got My Boy a cute little Penang T-shirt and shorts suit which we bargained down from RM19 to RM8. My Girl has a little Penang T-shirt with the Penang bridge on it costing RM2.50 just to help her remember the trip cos she was so excited to be on the bridge.

Early the next morning, hubby woke My Girl up early so he could take her to the beach to look at the sunrise. We let baby sleep in for a while. Then it was more beach (the children loves to dig in the sand with their little spades. Pic above is our little sand castle with a handpicked seashell roof and little pine trees lining up the driveway. Hahaha), more lunch with family before the long, tedious journey home. The buffet breakfast at the hotel was scrumptious and I dug in kiasu M'sian style both mornings. Lol. (Forgetting all about my diet!) All in all, we had a wonderful time and now its recorded somewhere in the recess of my mind for reliving and cherishing from time to time. :)


  1. before we shifted the CNY base to KL... we also go pay our respects at the cemetery in Kampung on CNY eve... we hardly do it on Ching Ming liao!

    Fun CNY holidays hor!

  2. sounds like a good holiday.(^_^) I miss penang food! Hopefully i'll get posted to png for internship...'O chien' everynight. YUmmy...Happy chinese new year MG!

  3. Dearest MG, Welcome back! Missed reading ur blogs. Glad that all of u had a gr8 trip.

  4. RM2.5 for a t-shirt for kids.. that's CHEAP!

    Good that you get to stay for another day. Just staying one night and then drive back the following day would be very tired for everybody.

  5. That's such a sweet message from hubby. :)You must be a good wife.

    Wonder should I ask for cremation when I pass away? I am very afraid of constrain space. *scratch head*

  6. Nice going mg, my family and I went to pay our respect at my deceased dad's on the 1st day of CNY.Actually we wanted to do it on the eve of CNY but it was closed.

  7. egghead, haven't paid respects during ching ming in a long time. :O

    ginnie, hey there ginnie! :) I sure hope your wishes come true.

    a&a'smom, I missed my blog too! Hahaha.

    zara's mama, ya lor but one more night cut a deep hole in the pocket loh!

    allyfeel, the cremation of my mum many years ago seemed rather crude though, out in the open somewhere on open logs of wood like in the movies like dat as I recall.

    thquah, hi there. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and yours. Belum chap goh meh so can still wish you yah?

  8. whao...I love your CNY, can go back kampung to visit relatives.
    this year i know someone from KL married in Penang come back to KL for visit, and you, from Penang married to orang KL and back to Penang, no wander the highway so jam hahaha...

  9. Great Holiday!! At least you weren't stuck in jam for 5 hours like me. :(( Sob...sob..

    I miss playing in the sand. Your post almost makes me want to go to the beach right now.

  10. Such a nice surprise, and very exciting t have somewhere to go on holidays... for myself, confinement this year (bleh!) and also I'm local, so no hopes of any balik kampung plans :P

  11. wahh...ur hubby actually said that, how sweet :). Sometimes u just wish they are a bit straightforward and more open with their feelings ehh...

    cute lil sand castle ur hubby build :)

  12. maria, you forgot those that don't balik kampung but go on holiday to add to the traffic jam.

    along, you didn't read my earlier posts. I was stuck for 7 hours!

    sue, I too was confinement and taking care of small babies for a couple of years before this. hehehe.

    jazzmint, yah, instead of keeping everything inside, must korek only can get answer. hahaha.


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