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Monday, August 14, 2006

Broken Record

I have two broken records in the house.

Baby has recently discovered the magic word "want". So all day long, when he sees either a toy or some food which he likes, he would go "I want" "I want" "I want"..........just like a broken record.

And then there's his sister. His sister is getting to be rather emotional, going around often with pleas and tears. All day long she would go around in this pleading in this sequence.....

  • "mummy please play with me" / "mummy I want to play with ....... afterwards" / "mummy I want some ribena....afterwards" (If she starts her "mummy I want some ribena" baby will start his "I want" I want" I want" too thats for sure.)
  • "mummy please say okay. Ok mummy? Mummy please? please mummy please, please say okay? pleeease? Say okay....... mummy? mummy?!"
  • "afterwards mummy" "No, not later/tomorrow/tonight", "Afterwards!" "Say okay, mummy, please say ok?" "mummy? mummy?!" tailing me as she keeps repeating her pleas.

Then she starts to cry if she doesn't get what she wants or if I reprimand her for whining, she'll then go....

  • "mummy, say happy, happy, happy" (which will start her baby brother saying "happy happy happy" too while he tries to smile at me)
  • "mummy please say happy, happy, happy. Ok mummy? Mummy please? please mummy please, please say happy, happy. happy? pleeease? Say happy, happy, happy....... mummy? mummy?!"

And no, I can't just give her a grudging or grumpy "Happy". It has to be a "Happy, happy, happy" (3x "happy" with a smile). And if I show an angry or displeased face, she'll then start begging for a hug. Thats my broken record No. 2.

Aiyoh! I tell you. It really drives me up the wall sometimes. I'm beggining to sound like a broken record myself now. "Eeeeaayea, you two can't you stop fighting?!" "Go play by yourself for a while, mummy has got things to do." "No, you can't play with this now, its late. We'll play with it tomorrow." (Which will lead to another round of begging for "afterwards" instead of "tonight", "tomorrow", or "later". "No, you can't have ribena now, Its time for milk........" etc.

When Mr MG gets back from work most days, he is greeted by 3 broken records or the above scene. Nice or not? Really don't know what to do about this!


  1. hahaha, did you install a spy cam in my house? How come sounded so similar to what happen at my house. ..wuahahaha!! :D

  2. thank god for pre-school!!!!!! the mornings are quieter!

  3. wow! can't wait for my boy to start talking then i think i'll need to sumbat cotton bud in my ear! hehehe...
    above all else...take a deep breathe and smile. hehehe.

  4. Once my daughter gets into the car, she will pester me to play her favourite song "papa i want jesus you are saviour of my soul". (Actually, the title of the song is "King of Majesty") Then, she will remind everyone to wear seatbelts.

    All children are the same :)

  5. usually twinsdad come home to face two broken record and a recorder that running out of batteries.

  6. I can't stop laughing while reading. I really REALLY...no, seriously, I mean it....I REALLY REALLY feel the same as you do sometimes. :-)

    I mean, I love my kids and all but you know....sometimes, they have this amazing ability to repeat themselves until they get to you...and then get what they want. Until you say, "OK OK OK OK OK OK!!!! I give up!!!! Here...take it, and go play!"

    Ha ha ha ha....

  7. Do you have to remind me again? Sometimes have to play tai chi with them and distract them with activities or TEEVEE!!! At least TEEVEE is my part time helper at home. *sigh...

  8. dragonmummy,
    Often what you write sounds like my house too cos our kids both girl and boy around the same age I guess :)

    Then we start missing them. Lol!

    You'll need more than cotton buds, you'll need to make yourself invisible.

    Your daughter is cute. Telling everyone to buckle up.

    Hahaha. Yes, by the end of the day, the broken record no. 3 would have run out of batteries liao!

    Lol! Yes, they hope to pester you until you give up and say "Nah!"

    Yes, Teevee is the only time they will sit quietly and "play" on their own. Even then, sometimes they start pushing each other on the sofa or one of them will go and stand right in front of the teevee blocking the other's view and then the fight starts and broken record no. 3 (thats me) will start playing too!

  9. Life is such hor? Sometimes very funny. When they sound like broken records, we cannot tahan...then when they grow up and no more broken records because they are hiding in their rooms, amusing themselves with internet, msn, phone calls and homework then we say, "Aiyah, so quiet .... why are you all hiding in your rooms? Come down, watch tv with me." So, really, broken records can be quite nice lah .... otherwise life very 'sien' one... hehe.

  10. Has your little girl learnt how to join her hand (like praying gesture) and batting her eye lashes and do her begging?

    aaah.. that would be cute.. and hard to resist.

  11. Oh noooo!!! Your darling daughter's pleads are getting into MY head!! Haha...Now I feel more at peace with my cutey 3.5mth baby :D Must treasure this moment of mine..hehe

    It's an irony, your daughter has broken record repeating her pleads to you. I am repeating to my daughter EVERY change diaper session,"Darling is a good baby, darling is a clean baby, darling is a happy baby, darling loves mama, darling loves papa, darling loves to play..." Repeat and repeat until I go giddy..Maybe next time when my girl grows up, she will repeat what she want until she gets it!! Is this karma?(just joking :P) I better think before I keep repeating myself now. *LOL* :D

    By the way, perhaps you try change your answers to your daughter's pleads and she might stop to think before she choose to continue or NOT :P

  12. Oh my..those pleas and whinning bring back memories: my little sister. Lucky me (sacarstically), I will face it all over again. Just hang in there, MG!

  13. newkidontheblog,
    Yeah, I've written a poem before along these lines but I've forgotten my own words. Hahaha.

    zara's mama,
    Oh yes, she does bat her eyelashes sometimes then I roll my eyes. Lol!

    Oh, I've tried all sorts of answers but it doesn't stop her. You can't stop a broken record by words only physical means.

    I don't have any younger sisters. I'm the youngest and did the whining. Hahaha.

  14. Yeah, I think I want to record her "please wear seat belt" reminder and send it to the car manufacturers. Sure will pester all passengers to buckle up wan.

  15. I thought my recorder at home is ultimate already...you have to deal with two!! ;)

    Well, that's kids - endless demands...;)

  16. Wow, so clever and perceptive one. Nice poem. See, you already know what's down the road so treasure all the broken records. Sometimes these broken records can make your blood boil but hey, makes good blood circulation.

  17. haha..but physical means..Err..Got to enlighten me, please :P

  18. pablopabla,
    You should for keepsakes. It'll sound really cute. Then you play it back for her and she'll love it!

    Yes, they're very demanding little people. :)

    Hahaha. I shall try to remember that it improves my blood circulation the next time my blood boils!

    Carry them off somewhere else and DISTRACT, DISTRACT, DISTRACT till they forget what they were whining about a moment ago.

  19. I was seriously thinking about it but I'll spare the recorder from sound abuse.


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