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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Categories, Tags and Privacy Settings for Blogger Blogs At Last

At last Blogger is giving itself a much awaited facelift to include some of the following features:

  • Categories - Woohoo! Can't wait to categorize my posts
  • Privacy - Yeah! Can now choose your readers so need to do less self-cencorship
  • Tagging - They've called it Labelling but it works the same way as Technorati Tags
  • Designs - There'll be more templates to choose from and it'll be easier to change the look of your blog with new drag and drop elements.
  • Others - Some other changes like more feed options, an updated dashboard and instant publishing

At the moment the changes are still in beta or test drive version. So existing users have to wait a while before getting a chance to upgrade (unless you have an upgrade link in your dashboard) but if you can't wait, you can start a new blog to test it out since you can create a new account using the beta version.

For poor people like me who can't afford to have my own domain, this is a welcome and long awaited change indeed. Yipeee!


  1. that's good news. I spent a whole day creating categories for my handyman's blog.

  2. ah pek,
    Yes, I manually created the categories for my other blog as well. That easier since the blog is new but not for this one.

    Can't wait for it to be up and running. I did write to Blogger a while ago to suggest more features as more and more of my blogger friends are now switching to other blog hosts so I'm pleased that they are upgrading at last.

  3. Wow..great news!! I like the privacy feature...thanks for sharing! :)

  4. You can still have free blogging domain using wordpress.com if you like. It's easy to migrate from blogger. The options are in there and it's got all those features.

  5. blurblur,
    Yes, I like the privacy feature too.

    I'm too lazy to migrate. I've got 375 posts here to migrate. Headache. Besides, dragonmummy tells me that wordpress won't let you cut and paste some other tools which I like.

  6. That's wonderful news. Heard it first here and I am now checking it out. I wrote to them once about adding categories and tags features. And I guess they have finally decided to act on all of our suggestions. Go Blogger.

  7. Why are you and your blogger friends so pro IT software one? So clever one? I still 'sua ku'...... just stick to the usual posting and downloading photos.....that's it.
    I feel so ignorant when I read all your RSS, beta no bettter etc....headache already.

  8. adam,
    Yes, Go Blogger! But I'm not going to switch my blog yet till they fix the bugs. At the most, I open a new account to twiddle about just for fun.

    You'll learn along the way. I knew nuts too before I started blogging which is another reason why I enjoy blogging, ie. learning new things all the time.

  9. It's indeed a great news. Thanks! Can't waite to use it. :)

  10. Fai tit ar! I can't wait....especially for the "categories" feature.

    We all, poor bloggers here have to rely on free blogging sites for now :)

  11. allyfeel, pablopabla,
    I've tried it out liao on a new blog. Too sked to do on this one. The categories part is great and its easier to play around with the blog template but well... its still in beta... so I think they've got to resolve some bugs first.


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