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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Free Balloons

Heard this from my girl during naptime....

My Girl: Mummy, last time daddy beat with hand but now the balloon pop already, the stick can beat people.

When my girl was younger, she was fascinated with balloons. She was so enthralled and thrilled by them. Being eager first time parents, we often queued up at the malls to receive free balloons just so we could look at her delighted face. Not only did we queue up, we would actually look out to see which promoter was giving out free balloons and try to make our way there. I think this was our first stage of parenting.

We have since moved on to the second stage of parenting. Now, when we see free balloons, we avoid them like the plaque. We try not to walk in front of a promoter who is handing out free balloons to the kids. If we happen to pass one, we shake our heads vigorously indicating no! Those annoying balloons just gets into everyone's face when the kids do not carry them well and afterwards we don't know what to do with them. Even the balloon stick has been turned into a disciplining cane!

I wonder what is in store for us in the next stage of parenting.


  1. My children like to sweep the floor with those free balloons.

  2. hehe I bought a balloon pump at home and some balloon. My girl always attempt to pump the balloon then let it go. It will fly all over the house letting out air. She gets thrill with that LOL

  3. I think i'll walk towards the free balloons stalls soon. hehe
    maybe the next step is to avoid the free food tasting in hypermarkets? i see kids go from stalls to stall asking for free food! :)

  4. Damien is still very crazy over balloons, and he'll ask for one himself whenever he sees promoters giving out free balloons..so i guess we are still at the first stage..hehe.. ;)

  5. Both my girls love ballons, at home already have few unblow wan, when in shopping mall, they will ask for it if saw other kids carrying ballon. I love to see their exciting expression too!

    We put it in the big vase (like flower)if they no play with it, after few days become smaller, then threw lor.

  6. I'm directly jump into 2nd stage..haha..never Q up for balloon..mama was too lazy..
    lucky SQ wasn't request oso..haha

  7. Just like msau, i avoid those promoters with balloons. but once in a while i do get him some free ones. But my son loves balloons and our house is always never short of ballons as the rest of the household will get those free balloons whenever they go shopping (which is every weekend without fail)!!

  8. I'm still in your first stage of parenting! I even keep balloons at home as bribery...

  9. yar yar! how true! I try as much as I can to avoid them now... but if people give..i take la.. I like to reuse those sticks and balloon holders (coz they cost sooooo much outside!)

  10. Balloons here are tied on strings. Darn, cannot get free cane..hehe.

  11. Say...what about the stage of parenting called "Get your free milk samples HERE"? Heh! heh!

    On the balloon bit, the "sticks" can be dangerous if not handled properly. Might get to the eyes when the kids are playing with them. Better just buy a pack of balloons and blow them one a day to keep the kids amused :P

  12. Hey I hear you loud and clear...

    I do the same! But while I am at the second stage of parenting for the shaveena - I will soon go back to first stage for Vishal. And more hadaches will start when the older sis wants to pull wht the lil brother has. Iyo! kelapa pusing.

  13. michelle,
    Mine does too then the either pop or get all dusty.

    She is learning cause and effect.

    I worry about the hygiene of those free food handouts.

    Yah, the kids love them so we try to avoid the promoters before they see them. Haha.

    Fuiyoh! Got vase summore. Hehe.

    Lol! You jump stages eh?

    Yes, every weekend there will be free balloons given out at the malls.

    Haha. My balloons are for special occassions. Then I take them out and blow a dozen so they can play to their hearts content.

    Now I use the stick for various stuff like poking into drain pipes etc. Very useful. Hahaha.

    I don't mind the one tied in strings as they are usually the helium ones which are way more fun but those are hard to get f.o.c.

    I don't collect milk samples as I have free breastmilk. Lol!

  14. mjey,
    Pity my boy ler. I skip the 1st stage for him because sked kepala pusing like you.

  15. MG, I am not only try to avoid balloon, as well as other small toys, I pick up toy pick like siao woman now.
    but I don't get free balloon for them also their gu-ma will blow one after another for them, you got the picture of a house full of balloon flying around?

  16. I used the stick to discipline my son once, but the stick not hard enough that like no function at all.

  17. Wah, I never thought of using the stick for disciplining. If I had thought of this (like your hubby), I would have saved on the number of wooden spoons that I broke. Eh, just to get the record straight....I broke them on pushers, bicycles, etc as a way of threatening them....no child abuse here, ok? :)

  18. maria,
    Hi, long time no see. Too busy picking up toys izzit? Hope you're doing fine. Really miss your blog yunno.

    Haha. Yah, its not as hard as the original bamboo rotan or feather duster cane we were subject to eh?

    Yes, its mostly for threatening purpose but it works. :P

  19. Well done! My wife is still breastfeeding too :)

  20. My Joseph loves balloons. He takes them off the stick and blows them up until they pop... and plays with the stick. I use the stick to threaten him too. Looks quite intimidating.

  21. pablopabla,
    Its free and good milk. :)

    He's not afraid of the pop sound? I'm scared of the sound myself! Haha.


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