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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Things Children Say

We were having sweet and sour fish for lunch.....

My Girl: Mummy, why does the fish look so sad? (Runs her fingers across the fish lips)

MG: ------------------

My Girl: Maybe, its because it has no more eyes.

MG: ------------------

Ewe! I think I'm going to become a vegetarian now!


  1. Yeah, same thought here when my girl told me why this fish look so "ke lian"(pity)!:(

  2. Sometimes their innocence makes us feel sorry / guilty huh.. ;)

  3. Fish are friends. Fish is not food. tehehe...

  4. emm.... I used to tell the girls they are eating dead chicken and fish, and they asked me if the mouse die already can eat or not :P. I told them unless one day no more dead fish and chicken, then we will eat the mouse. something worng with my answer I think. LOL....

  5. Hahaha! My DD sees a live chicken or fish & she'd say "Oooh look mummy. Chicken/Fish...my favourite!" Lol.

  6. I always wonder what is in a child's mind when they say that. The mind is so simple with innocence.

  7. blurblur,
    Yes, if only we could think like them too.

    Yah. Yah. Rub it in.

    lol! Sometimes I also give a nonsense reply when I don't know what else to say!

    sarah's mummy,
    Hahaha. Cute!

    hui sia,
    Yes, children amuse and amase us with the things they say don't they?

    Well, in this case, when she asked me why and I had no answer she did tell me whats on her mind ... "that she thought it looked sad because it had no eyes.." after cooking that is. :P

  8. Gone are the days where children used to eat everything without thinking. We even used to watch chickens being slaughtered with fascination but didn't think of animal cruelty. Was it just me and my siblings who lack compassion or because we love meat?
    Nowadays, kids seem to be more caring about the animal's welfare. What is it huh?
    When I was in school, I never hear of any of my friends turning vegetarian because of how animals were slaughtered but now, 1 in every 30 (simply pull a figure from my head lah) goes vegetarian because of animal cruelty.
    Wah, your daughter is compassionate at such a young age hor. Very clever as her mind is working and thinking in a wider scope already.

  9. Your girl must have huge amount of empathy in her. LOL - or it is a ploy to avoid eating fish *suspicious*.

    My boy loves his fish. In fact, the most curious thing is that, he actually loves bittergourd too. :P Weird huh?

  10. geesh..she made me wanna be a vegetarian also..

  11. Hmm..
    Zara loves animals a lot.. I'm worried she may start not having meat.. b'cos she just adore them.

    Your girl say that and still eats it?

  12. newkidontheblog,
    I'm not sure it was compassion. She was just saying what was on her mind.

    I hate bittergourd! Hahaha. Your boy is special not weird. :)

    Come, come, today we eat fish. ;)


    zara's mama,
    I think most kids love animals and no she doesn't like to eat fish.

  13. What a sensitive girl you have there.

  14. Eh! Siapa makan itu mata ikan har?

  15. allyfeel,
    I don't think it was sensitivities ler. Kids are just observant and notice and thinks about things that we take for granted sometimes.

    No lar. The eyes had shrunk from cooking although I do know folks who happen to think they're a delicacy. Eee... geli...

  16. Eat fish eyes get good eyesight wan :)

  17. pablopabla,
    Said like only a fish eye connoseir can. kekekeke.


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