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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pay More Attention to the little ones

We were sitting on the sofa together.....

My Girl: I love you! Hmmmph! (Spoken in a huff and sounding annoyed)

My Girl: Hmmmph! Want to hug hug you also cannot! (Still annoyed)

MG: Why?

My Girl: You watch TV only.......

MG: Hahahaha

Oops! I was busy paying attention to the TV instead of to my girl but luckily she told me so!

And no, I'm no TV addict. In fact, I hardly ever watch TV. I don't have the time! I don't even have ASTRO in my home and I don't miss it. I was merely distracted and wasn't listening. Sometimes we brush off what the little ones are saying when we are busy or we tune out when they say repetitive sentences over and over again. I should really try not to do that. It makes them feel bad and unimportant. Afterall, I don't like it when my spouse is not listening or brushes me off so why should the little ones like being treated that way?

Today's mantra: "Pay more attention to the little ones. Pay more attention to the little ones."

And as if on cue, I received this in my email today:

If your preschooler took a minute to think about her happiest times, she would probably realize that what makes her happiest is you. And that's the first key to creating a happy child says Hallowell. "Connect with them, play with them," he advises. "If you're having fun with them, they're having fun. If you create what I call a 'connected childhood,' that is by far the best step to guarantee your child will be happy."

Excerpt taken from ParentCentre's article on "How to Raise a Happy Child"


  1. It's true, I always feel to happy seeing my kids' smiling faces when I get back from work. Even if I'm tired like hell, but I still pull myself together to carry them both at the same time, it feels so good having them in my arms!

  2. I know what you mean..
    They really love it when you pay them attention.

    It's a tiring job though.. esp if they demand it after a hard day's work, but I try to give that to Zara too.

    We never turned on the TV for our own watching when she's awake. We only watch a show a week after she's asleep. And yes, no Astro in our house too.

  3. I must read your blogs more often for tips! :)

    I guess when I reach home after work to find the elder one running to me whilst yelling "papa, papa, papa" for a hug from me, that shows how much she misses me. But sometimes, I spend time reading the newspaper instead of playing or talking with them....

    Must reflect our actions and do something about it!

  4. I received this email as well...and was thinking to myself: will Damien grow up to be a happy child since i doesn't spend that much time with him...

    It's true, i can always see the sparkle in his eyes whenever i said - "Come, darling, let's play /write/ do coloring together"..

  5. haha, this is so true. But it can be quite difficult to give the little ones attention during TV drama time.

  6. Awww....so sweet your girl :)Another satisfaction guaranteed mommy moment.

  7. So sweet of your girl telling you she loves you and wanting to give you hugs..

    Even my 2.5 mths old boy is asking for my attention now whenever he is awake. I feel so bad sometimes when seeing him staring blankly at the ceiling while nobody playing or talking to him. Our attention is so important to them...

  8. shoppingmum,
    Carry them both at the same time? You must have strong arms. :)

    zara's mama,
    To watching TV in front of Zara? No wonder zara is so smart then. She's got lots of attention from mummy and daddy.

    Yes, sometimes hubby does that too. Only, he doesn't read the paper, he goes straight to the pc and starts playing his civ iii. Lol!

    We must try to make their eyes sparkle more often eh?

    How did you know I was watching the 7pm drama? Hahaha!

    Yeah, satisfaction guaranteed and she got her hug guaranteed too!

    baby darren,
    Yes, even when they are babies and just starting to coo, you can tell their delight when you pay attention to them.

  9. If I got computer at home, lagi jia lat!

  10. Little or big, they never cease wanting attention. Now that my 19 year old is home from his gap year, daughter and him fighting for attention all the time.
    The only time I can guarantee they know not to ask for me is when I am on the toilet. LOL

  11. pablopabla,
    Sometimes no pc oso, the man of the house tidur very early because too tired. ;)

    Oh! And I thought I won't need to hide in the toilet anymore when the kids grow up. Hahaha.


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