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Friday, August 11, 2006

How to put a rss feed on your blog or website

I have just added a rss feed of my Mothering Times blog in the sidebar of this blog. (under the heading "from my other blog") This means that everytime I update that blog, the link to the new blog post will be listed on my sidebar here.

I used this free generator from RSS to Javascript.com to convert my rss feed into a code I can just copy and paste onto my blog. (I love copy and paste! I love copy and paste!) Everything I have done on my blog is through copy and paste plus trial and error without any technical knowledge.

The rss feed converter is very easy to use. All you have to do is to find out the url of the feed you wish to convert, key it in, choose the default (it will blend the background colours, font colours and size into your blog for you) and hey presto its done at the click of a button.

You can put just about any rss feed you like on your blog. Some news feeds you follow and would like to refer to easily when you go to your blog (Afterall if you have a blog you're bound to check it often so why not add some news or other stuff you are interested in right on your blog for your own easy referral.) Or you can put a feed in to blend in with your blog theme to make it more interesting so that you will have fresh content on your blog when you are too busy to update. It can be anything. World news, fashion, food, sports, entertainment gossip, parenting ..... the choice is yours. The feed url to most websites is usually easily available on the website itself so that its easier for people to subscribe to the feeds. For example, you can find the rss to The Star Online paper listed here with a simple explanation about rss feeds.

If you are too lazy to search for the url of feeds to add you can also get them easily through websites offering free rss news/content for your site. Just do a search for "free rss content for your site" or something to that effect and you will find a list of those sites in your search results.

I put in the rss feed to my other blog because I need to do some marketing and promotion on my other blog to earn some adsense revenue. Hahaha. Hey! If I don't market it on my own blog, who will right? I've got to make my links easily accessible.

Note: For those using blogspot, the url to your feed is yourblogurl followed by atom.xml For example, the url to this blog's feed is http://mumsgather.blogspot.com/atom.xml

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  1. hehe... me have been using Feedreader since day one... noticed I am always the first ones to comment :)

  2. egghead,
    How many do you have in your feed? Sometimes its a headache, just when you finished reading one, another one gets updated. Its neverending!

  3. Wah....your blog getting so "canggih". WP has limitation on pasting all these coding. Sometimes I'm comtemplating on switching back to Blogger... :P

  4. Oh man..I am still confused. I tot I was smart until I started to read more blogs I got more confused and now I am totally dazed. :D

    I think I will stick to blogging on my son and photography. I am all worked up now..~smile.

    Good sharing, I shall explore and hopefully able to coax hubby to teach me. But it's irrelevant since my new site doesn't allow me to `add ons'.

  5. dragonmummy,
    Maybe you'll have to consider paid hosting then.

    Lol! All worked up and dazed now, are you? But its all quite simple really. Just lots of copy and paste, trial and error.


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