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Friday, August 11, 2006

Nice Evening At The Park

One day this week hubby came home early and said "Lets take the kids to the park". The weather was lovely. No haze. Pretty white clouds and clear blue skies, still bright but not too hot, not yet cold, just cool.

There were lots to see at the park. Lots of people. Teenagers playing basketball. Maids playing badminton. Grandparents with happy little grandchildren tagging along. More teenagers playing football. People walking their dogs, joggers.

The kids loved it. We normally take them to the park on weekends so a trip to the park during a weekday is a treat indeed. They ran on ahead of us on the jogging path forgetting all about us. Hubby and I got to hold hands and "pak tor" as we looked at them and smiled while we chatted about our day and this and that. (Thats why its good for the kids to have siblings, so they have each other as playmates. We encouraged them to hold each other's hands so we could hold each other's hands. Lol!)

A wonderful evening indeed.

Simple moments like these are what memories are made of.


  1. we also drop by the park sometimes on our way back to home :)

  2. That reminds me of the Chinese saying I came across recently 平凡也是一种辛福.

  3. I'm waiting for the 2nd one to grow up and start walking so that she can play with her elder sis. Then I can have mummy's hands all for myself ;)

  4. I am sure your kids will remember this evening as fondly as you too! :)

    When we are out, I will hold Damien's hand on one side and hubby's hand on the other...hehe..;p

  5. a&a'smom2:44 PM, August 11, 2006

    Mg, that sure sounds like a wonderful day!

  6. egghead,
    Its nice now that its not the rainy season.

    Sorry I don't understand chinese. :P

    Lol! Now have to share share plus sometimes the hands busy carrying the younger one eh?

    Ya hor, still got the other hand free.

    Yes, it was. :)

  7. Yalor, luckily got maid to help carry baby's stuffs. Otherwise, pengsan liao.

  8. Wah, hold hands ah.....how to do it? I forget already. LOL.
    When my daughter is around, where can hold hands...she wants to squeeze in between us and hold our hands, go movies also the same. Like my mum always say, "Lamp post lah".

  9. Parks are excellent avenue for the kids. Yes I concur to this 100%. You should take them to see the night lights that's a totally different experience. Wah..pak tor? How romantic..now I must force my hands on him! Wah lau...everything also must force, maybe I should change role/gender. Mm...come to think about it.....muhahahhaha...have a cool weekend.

  10. pablopabla,
    We don't have a maid to carry stuff, but we have a little trolley. Hahaha!

    Yes, we've almost forgotten how to hold hands too :P

    "Force your hands on him" Lol! Before marriage, they can't wait to hold our hands, after that we have to force our hands on them. Hahaha. No prizes for guessing who held whose hands first at the park. Hahaha.

  11. How Nice!! :) I Must remember and learn that! *LoL*

  12. For ME, I REALLY have forgotten to hold my husband's hands since my baby is born. Then one fine day, my MIL helped looked after my baby and my hubby and I go shop for grocery. I was so surprised and felt so sweeeett in my heart when he holds my hand 'suddenly' :D

    Thanks for sharing these great things..sometimes must be reminded :P

  13. jo-ann,
    I was so surprised and felt so sweeeett in my heart when he holds my hand 'suddenly'

    Hahaha. Cute!


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