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Friday, August 25, 2006

Peer Pressure

"My mom is a lawyer"
"My mom is a teacher"
"My mom runs her own business"
"My mom is a regional sales GM"
"My mom is an accountant"
"Errrrr... my mom is a......... errr........ housewife"

It is my hope as a SAHM that my kids will not face this kind of peer pressure later on in life. Peer pressure in the life of a young child or teen takes many forms, the comparison of material items including the comparison of their parents. I wonder how I should teach them to reply? I wonder if they will feel ashamed in the face of this kind of peer pressure. I know they should not feel ashamed but would they????

I just love this comment from James, so I'm putting it up here on the main post:

"My mommy dedicates her life to staying at home with me so that I would grow up to be a good, well-adjusted person and not an insufferable little braggart like you."



  1. come lar, our kids go to same kindy lor, then got more "housewife force", want bo? LOL.... ai yoh, I never worry about that.

  2. Easy dear..just say my mom is a HOME MINISTER. Full stop. She is Queen! Muhahahhaha.....

  3. Home Economist, CFO/COO of xxx Family, a lot more I can think of. Everyone should be proud of their SAHM. :)

  4. Kick their butt if they feel ashamed!LOL

    When i am small, i really wish my mum is a SAHM. Too bad she has to work, else tak cukup makan lor! :P

  5. Tell them you chose (as in consciously) to be home so that you can be with them and take care of them.

  6. "My mom is a pro Blogger. She takes care of me at home and at the same time earns great income. Isn't that the best of both world?"

    How's that reply sound, eh?

  7. lerr..i have worry the other way round. At least ur kids can proudly say *My mommy stays home 24x7 and spends time with us, does ur mom do that?*. Then I sure I don't know how to answer my kids if they ask me why i work and don't stay at home

  8. I'll tell my kids to say "minister of home affairs". hehe beat THAT!

  9. I never look down on housewife, I think they have the toughest job. Children should be proud of having their mother as housewife. Even a CEO have a tough time being a housewife. ;)

  10. Actually I doubt kids feel ashamed if their moms were SAHM. I remember being green with envy when my friends had hot and ready cooked food for lunch, whilst I had to DIY.

    I feel we should all be proud of who we are. I have achieved all my goals (albeit short term) in my previous career, now I'm happy as a clam taking care of two rascals!

    Give yourselves a big pat on your backs for taking the courage to choose what we WANT to do.

  11. Why feel ashamed? SAHM is a professional job too..

    BTW, many SAHMs also from professional background!!

  12. You know, i want to be a housewife once Damien enter school...so that i can spend more time with him and guide him along..that's my dream..so there's really nothing to be ashamed of being a housewife! :)

  13. maria,
    Sounds good. If only we live in the same neighbourhood then we can pakat to send them to the same kindy.

    Yes hahahaha. QUEEN. I like that!

    But haven't you heard of some kids who aren't?

    Haha. Yes they ought to be kicked in the butt if they are.

    Well, they do need more care when they are young but when they are older things will be different and thats probably when they face peer pressure as well.

    Yes, a "problogger" who earns peanuts. Hahahaha.

    Oh yah hor. That is peer pressure in another form!

    plus Finance Minister, Transport Minister etc etc

    Only thing is some housewives look down upon themselves and I think thats sad. Not me though! Hahaha.

    Yes you are right. We all should be proud of who we are and teach the kids to be proud of their backgrounds and who they are too!

    No, no one is feeling ashamed here neither is it such a big sacrifice or nobel calling as some make it out to be. I'm just worried that the kids may not know better as I have heard of tales where the kids don't feel proud of their SAHMs.

    No, there is nothing to be ashamed of and this is exactly what I want to do but I do sometimes worry about how the kids will think later on in life. Silly hor?

  14. SAHM is a wonderful profession, not many people can or are willing to take the chanllege. I think your kids would be pround to have sahm.

  15. In this day and age, it is general knowledge that it is harder work to stay at home than to be at work.
    I know because I only work term time so for 13 weeks per year I am on holidays with my children when they are also on school holidays.
    I would remind them occasionally that it is easier for me to be at work especially when they demand for me to cook this and that, drive them here and there. My kids know that I am right.
    So, give yourself a big pat on the back and I am sure when your kids are older, they will know all that you've done for them.
    Suggested answer:
    "My daddy does not want my mummy to work because then my mummy can give us the time and attention we need. My mummy calls herself SAHM and she loves it because she gets to be with us all the time and we love it too."

  16. "my mom is da bomb! coz she's there for me anytime!"

    bound to make loads of kids jealous, heh!

  17. Working at home is also a job much more demanding than those at the office. Dont u think? Wuaaaah as well to Jame's comment!

  18. yah smack their bottoms if they feel ashamed, in fact they should be proud mom stays at home with them! oh...i wish i can but i can't, me lauya mother and i think i rather work leh,,

  19. I think if kids are taught that mummies being housewife is just normal, then they shouldn't feel any peer pressure. I'm not so keen on Jame's reply though. It sounds a tad defensive to me.

  20. pablopabla,
    Trust the dads to come up with oneliners like these. :)

    contented mum,
    So do I but will they?

    Errr... you got one thing wrong there though. In this case "daddy wants mummy to work" Hahaha.

    Aha! Another dad with a oneliner.

    kak teh,
    Yup! Definitely more demanding. I used to have so much free time and long lunches at the office. Hahaha. One hour of uninterrupted lunch just chatting with colleagues is such a luxury!!!

    No lah... all mothers whether working or otherwise love their kids madly so how can that be considered lauya??

    Well, if the reply was coming from a mum it would probably be defensive but coming from a kid to another who is boasting about how great their mother is as a blah blah blah... its just right. Lol!


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