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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

He doesn't send me flowers BUT........

Women are more romantic than men and thats not a myth. I think we're just wired that way, that is all.

I was having a good laugh when I read New Kid On The Blog's post on Where have all the flowers gone where she wrote a very good list of why she stopped receiving flowers from her husband. Lol!

Here is my reply to her in her comments board.

Hahahaha. You're the lucky one. My man only gave me flowers ONCE. I repeat ONCE when he was trying to court me a loooong, looooong time ago..... And about 2 years ago, he bought some artificial flowers for me to decorate the house with during Chinese New Year and with great effort, he said they were supposed to indicate his love forever or something to that effect because they last longer. Well, we've since thrown them away when the children broke the vase. Muahahahahaha. Thats how love and romance is in a marriage.

For most, they probably can identify with the song You don't bring me flowers........ anymore by Babara Streisand and Neil Diamond. (Unless you're too young to have heard that song. Lol!) but for me its You don't bring me flowers.... before (only once). Hahaha. My unromantic man even told me once before that at least he has not changed from courting days. He never used to give me flowers and he still doesn't! *faints* Hahahaha.

I take it all in good fun. Afterall in a marriage you must be able to make silly jokes and laugh about it together. To me, laughter is very important in a marriage and my man can make me laugh. He is not romantic but he is very loving and he is a sentimental kind of guy. He loves to reminisce about our pass moments together and likes to take a trip down memory lane to our sweet moments. He loves routine and he thought me that it is through family routines that makes it easier for us to recall the sharing of our time together. He is the one who taught me how to be happy about little things and he taught me how to think more positively. I used to be such a pessimist. So, ok I don't mind that he doesn't send me flowers. Although it would be really nice if he did. Hahahaha. Women! We are a hopeless romantic lot aren't we?


  1. hehe...at least i received more than once lah!
    But the last one was like.....i think a couple of years ago...before married of coz, and its plastic. Guess thats suppose to last for eternity huh?!

  2. I just received one yesterday - it was a very very pleasant surprise as it's been a long long time since he last brought me flowers...:)

    No flowers never mind, so long as your man loves you and the kids, is a responsible husband and doting daddy - that's definitely more precious than flowers!:)

  3. Flowers? What flowers? My husband also only sent me flowers while courting me. After marriage, flowers sayonara!

    Like you, it's okay with me too. Nice they are no doubt but what's the point of spending so much and then let them wither in a few days. I rather the money go to my tummy as in feeding me some yummy stuff. Hahaha...

  4. Hey MG, so nice coz I can leave a comment here!! haha...I love leaving comments! crazy huh.
    well.. flowers? ah yes.....before marriage lots and lots...now the last one was like 3 years ago. Every special occasion he (my dh) gives same excuse. "I meant to get you flowers, I wanted to stop at the flower shop,,but too late already lar...I think it is closed..never mind lar the thought that counts right???"

    aiya...never mind lar....like they said...as long as the marriage is good and everything is ok, never mind the flowers. :)

    ok, will end here...so tired today. YOu take good care MG!!

  5. hehe i guess it's the thoughts that counts :). I think so far only received 2 times flower fr my hubby, once during our registration once during wedding day. Courting time never even give any flowers *slap head*

    but nvm lah..I prefer other things than flowers. Flowers are nice to receive, but after that excitement, it just sits there and die off..better give me money lah

  6. MG, rather than focusing on the "doesn't send me flower issue", I'm pondering over your write up of what a wonderful hubs you have (despite the flower thingy). You have many wonderful reasons to be thankful for :)Envy, envy... You should title this post "He doesn't send me flowers BUT..."

  7. fashionasia,
    Plastic supposed to last for eternity but as you can see, we've discarded the plastic when the vase got broken by the kids. Hahaha.

    Yes, yes. Definitely more precious than all the flowers in the world.

    Lol! Yes, I prefer them in my tummy too.... only hubby is the type who eat to live while I live to eat. Kekekekeke. (No prizes for guessing who's lean and who's round)

    You take good care too. Hope you feel better now. I hate piles!

    Hahaha. I guess women are not that romantic afterall. Sesame prefers food and you prefer money. Lol!

    Hehe. Did I sound like I was complaining? I'm not. This is just a tongue-in-cheek post but what a wonderful suggestion of a title from you. I think I'll change it. Thanks. I'd rather have no flowers from hubs who is always there for me than lots of flowers and gifts from an absent man. Nosiree.

  8. MG, your hubby sounds very much like mine. Live to eat but easy for us cos we can give them anything on the plate and they will be contented.
    As for flowers....I still want, I want. LOL. After all, flowers in UK very cheap compared to M'sia. I can't believe my eyes when I saw the price of flowers when ordering for my aunt. In M'sia, sure, I prefer curry laksa, char kuey teow, satay.
    Now hor, I sound like a broken record to my husband.

  9. a&a'smom5:49 PM, August 15, 2006

    Yes u have a lot to be thankful for. Mr MG also sounds a lot like my DH. After 13 yrs of marriage this year for my bday he surprised me with 2 stalks of roses (which I have dried it & put in a vase-so I have not wasted his money & still looks good dried!) & surprised me with a bday makan with my parents & sis.

  10. if one day twinsdad bring me flower, I must say I will smell something fishy LOL....

  11. Flowers...yup....I love flowers and I am a romantic fool. Still like you, I don't get them unless `forced' or `hinted non stop'. Again it's from Petaling Street coz it's half the price! Would be nice to be surprised with flowers one day.....again..dream is free and takes no effort...so I keep dreaming...:D

  12. Hahaha :D I'm ABIT better than you..I got flowers from my hubby TWICE. The 1st time is when we're courting and the One Red Rose turns out to be a Lacy Panty in disguise!!! haha..(so embarassing) The 2nd time is our ROM day. I told him if no rose, no marry..(out of no choice)...hahahaha

  13. MG, thanks for putting my link in your blog..Feel very special and surprised when I found myself on your "mama's on the blog" list ..kekeke

  14. Haha.. I always thought my hubby is the most realistic person I have ever met. He always says that roses and all the stuffs that are being sold on Valentine's day and birthdays are money making business. If I want a present for my birthday, go and buy it and pay from the joint account myself. He will always buy us (daughter & me) a meal of our daughter's choice. So you see, daughter comes first. But most important to me is that he is a good hubby and father... family comes first.

  15. newkidontheblog,
    I oso want...flowers...and curry laksa and char kuey teow and satay and.... (me always have to "argue" with hubby to eat these things because like I said, he eats to live)

    After 13 years... bet you were touched. :)

    Hahahaha. Ya hor. Dunno been up to what.

    Let us dream on together then. :)

    Lol, for our ROM day, I still got them myself but he paid for it so is that considered? BTW, thank you for linking me too. :)

    Yes, kids always come first, he never hesitates to buy stuff for the kids, often I have to stop him. As for flowers on Valentine, once a shopping complex was giving out some free stalks of roses for spending above a certain amount and I teased him about it because even that I had to go and collect for myself cos he didn't bother. Lol!

  16. the last time my hubby buys flower for me was during our marriage registration day...itu pun, he gotto carry it. since then he didnt buy flower for me anymore!

    i'm the not romantic ones...such a waste of money...hehe...

    but i dont mind him buying a stalk of roses for me...not a whole bouquet.

  17. miche,
    I still remember my first and only bouquet from him..... dark red roses..... so romantic... *dreaming*

  18. Told my husband that if he wants to send me flowers, it has to be a BIGGG elaborate bouquet so i can feel proud parading it in front of my colleagues...hehehe LOL. Since he can't afford big bouquets, i get no flowers ....BUt frankly speaking, just gimme cash. the money spent on flowers can always be used on something more useful around the house/ kids.

  19. shooi,
    Whats this thing about us women that makes us like to show off our bouquets to colleagues? Hahahaha. Only, I never got to show off any. LOL!


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